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    There is this really cool online game that I have discovered called You start out by creating a persona and choosing a country to live in. However this country isn't neccassarily the one you live in in real life. I made the mistake of living in the US which is now over run by Russia and Portugal. You can advance and start a business, join a political party, become a candidate for Congress and President, and be voted into Congress and as President of your country. Not only is there competition between individuals, but also between countries. As I mentioned before, we are in the midst of a great world war.

    I have advanced to a level where I have 5 invites to this game. This will get me hefty reward if you Join and reach level 6 which is not hard at all. This will obviously get you on my good side and I can help you along on yoour journey.

    Here's a good tour to look at before you decide to accept my offer:
    make sure not to press Become a Citizen. You'll have to sign up via the link I'll send you for this to work.

    So if you are serious about wanting to get this invite then jus send me a message. But remember I only have 5 and I'll only give them to those that are serious about sticking with it. My reward will be 5 gold (that's alot) if you join via the link Ill send you and get to level six, which isn't that hard ( I'm level 5 on my 4th day), and when you reach level 6 I will give you 1 gold.
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    It looks interesting! Ill take a link if you have any left.
    08-24-2009 09:31 AM
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    seems funny,thanks
    09-06-2009 07:47 AM