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iMessage Help!!

Asked: Oct 10 2018 | 12:33 am EDT 2044 Views 2 Answers

The iMessage on my MacBook Pro (2016) and iPhone 7 have been very strange as of late. FYI, I have the most current versions of iOS and MacOSx. This was happening before I updated, as well.

The imessages have been delivering to my macbook and iphone like usual, but when I decide to reply on my macbook, the messages I have already read/am currently reading are still sending notifications to my iphone. Even if I have the message thread open and am in conversation on my macbook, my phone will be constantly vibrating. Also, the messages on my macbook are constanly shifting around, out of order, having weird (future) timestamps, and randomly disappearing from chat history. iMessages on my macbook also frequently say not delivered, but seem to deliver just fine when looking through iPhone. I have tried restarting both devices, signing in/out of imessage/icloud, and toggling icloud message (new in iOS12).

Any thoughts/ideas? Anyone else experience this?

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Oct 10 2018 | 7:35 am EDT rav813

Similar behavior has been described by others after enabling iMessage in iCloud. I think the iCloud sync is the root of the issue and there’s no fix yet that I know of