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    iOS Developer Requested To Join Startup


    I'm a co-founder of mobile startup Ps By The Way (PsBTW). We're an established startup in public beta with a completed Android application.

    The reality is most people have iPhones, and we need to port to iOS in order to gain meaningful market traction.

    We're searching for a talented and entrepreneurial minded iOS developer to take over the iOS side of Ps By The Way. Pending founding partner approval, you would be brought into the company as an additional partner and provided equity (ownership) in the company.

    If you are the person who won't write a line of code without being on the clock, this is not for you.

    The three of us founding partners have self-funded and been the poster child for the "lean startup" all the way to our beta launch two weeks ago. Ps By The Way operates on a model that's about as unique as they come and is in public beta gaining users and advertisers daily.

    We need to be on iPhone in order to secure our first round of funding. If you have the desire to be apart of a startup company we would love to talk to you. Thanks for your time.

    More about PsBTW:
    PsBTW (dot) com
    AngelList: angel(dot)co/ps-by-the-way-psbtw

    - Adam Pollock
    Ps By The Way (PsBTW)
    Adam (at) PsBTW.com
    10-30-2011 12:12 AM