1. Ludacrisvp's Avatar
    So yesterday I purchased the AT&T 3G Micro-Cell to solve the almost complete lack of service in my house. I usually have 4 bars upstairs and 1 or 2 downstairs. This is regardless of phones on AT&T even my old sonyericsson z500a had that low of service, and RIM BB 9700 so it's not a death grip thing. Although I do suffer from the antenna issue.

    I am stumped as to why the microcell is providing horrible speeds.
    I have charter cable 12mb down 2mb up. Speedtest.net app shows over wifi 9mb down 2mb up, I know wifi usually is a touch slower than wired.

    The microcell speed test shows less than 1mb down... Around 800k actually and ping around 8k ms with up at 29k.

    This is using my broadband connection, why isn't the speed matching hsdpa area of 7mb? I can get around 4.5mb not using micro cell.
    07-29-2010 07:17 AM
  2. cardfan's Avatar
    I got a microcell to ensure i could use my phone anywhere in the house to make calls. So far it works well.

    Data? Why would you care what it does for data. Use wifi.
    07-29-2010 07:27 AM
  3. Ludacrisvp's Avatar
    I do just use wifi actually I just was testing it out and was more like WTF why is it so slow over 3G. I have all 5 bars on both 4.0 and 4.0.1 so I expected the microcell to give full speed too. It is made to be used without a router and can have your computer connected through it so it's possible that someone may not have wifi where they are using this and would expect full data speed but don't get it.
    07-29-2010 07:34 AM
  4. Ludacrisvp's Avatar
    I hate to double post but since I'm using the phone this is easier.
    I had a few voice calls today that seemed to have a stutter coming from the other callers end but they heard me just fine. Since I was connected to m-cell I wasn't expecting this either, and has acually been the only voice quality issue I have had.
    Does your audio ever stutter?
    07-29-2010 07:37 AM
  5. cardfan's Avatar
    No stutters. But i have seen a delayed effect. Say something and then it lags for like half a second before the other person hears it.

    I can't complain too much since they made the device free for me. And i guess that's the beef. Is this worth 150? Maybe, i really value being able to use in my office in the basement. But i was on the fence whether to return. The final straw though was knowing others were getting free microcells so i wrote at&t a letter to complain and they gave me a 150 credit.
    07-29-2010 07:47 AM
  6. blinkin357's Avatar
    AT&T offered us a FREE 3G MicroCell for some reason. We'd never complained about our cellular service but there was nothing to lose by trying the device.

    Before, we'd get two or three bars on our phones. Now, with the 3G MicroCell, we're seeing full bars on our iPhones in the house so phone calls aren't a problem.

    Of course, we're still using Wi-Fi in the house for data access.
    07-29-2011 01:33 PM