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    New user here. Had to share my joy.

    Last night while relaxing on my no reception couch I noticed that I had 5 bars on my phone. This could not be. I do not receive a signal anywhere in my house unless I am in a corner by the window, I thought. Hmmm, must be stuck. So I restarted only to find that I had 5 bars again. Went through the entire house and much to my dismay I had no less than 5. So I started making calls and it was like a dream. I cried a little. After using the "Mark the Spot" app and adding notes to it to "please help me, I am standing out in the snow and 30 degree weather", could it have had an impact? I would like to think that the app helped although they probably upgraded in my area. I hope that it is not a fluke. Only time will tell.

    fwiw, my phone is jailbroken and the only app that I added yesterday before noticing the signal boost is Proswitcher. Other than my house I had no problem with AT&T service or reception so if my house is covered I have no reason to leave for another provider.

    Anyone else have improved service anywhere?

    Merry Christmas, AT&T and to all who read this. *tear*
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    12-23-2009 09:00 AM
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    well in the UK O2 did some stupid update thing and all of there data, visual voicemail and MMS switched off for hours so no lol
    12-23-2009 04:51 PM
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    Same thing happened to me december last year. I had no 3G service at my house for the first 6 months I had my iPhone 3G. Woke up one morning and picked up my iPhone and it said it had full 3G signal, in the basement of all places, where before I only got a few bars of EDGE. Just like you I thought it was fake so I reset my iPhone but the bars remained.

    For the next few days 3G came and went, about a week later it was constant every where I went in my home city. Another week later I checked the AT&T coverage map and what was once a 3G dead zone was now totally covered.

    AT&T might have just expanded to cover you.
    12-23-2009 08:20 PM
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    Good Cell Signal. Truly the spirit of christmas *tear*
    12-24-2009 03:32 AM