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Custom Calendar Color on iPhone Calendar App gone? (iOS13, iPhone 11)

Asked: Oct 16 2019 | 7:17 am EDT 277 Views 2 Answers

Hi guys,

I've just bought a new iPhone 11 and created a new Apple ID (newcomer from Android). When entering the calendar app, I had two calendars, Personal and Work. When entering the details for the Personal Calendar, a "custom" color was selected which was the same blue as the default blue. Upon changing to a different color, the "custom" color option was gone and never reappeared. Why was it there in the first place? Is there no way to set a custom color after all, only the few options they give you?

Thanks for your help and let me know if you need more info!

PS: What was pre-selected for your personal calendar?

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Oct 16 2019 | 8:59 am EDT Spencerdl

Welcome to iMore. Feel free to join. I'm not quite sure what you are referring to as the colors options can be changed (7 different colors) for different events.

Oct 16 2019 | 9:06 am EDT Annie_8plus

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