1. anon(10256079)'s Avatar
    Ok this has been bugging me for a long time. When you click contacts on your phone, the first one at the top is "Me" with your personal contact info. Mine was always set up properly with my photo and everything.

    One day I opened my contacts and saw that a contact in my phone had become "Me". How did this happen? The contact that it was happened to be someone that I've had a past restraining order from, so it was really unsettling.

    Hopefully someone can tell me it was a one click mistake that I must have done myself...
    06-08-2017 06:20 PM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Go to settings > Contacts> Tap on "my info" > scroll to your name and tap on it.
    06-08-2017 06:24 PM

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