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    How can I set the keyboard setting so that I can save the time for pressing the 'Globe' button when changing the language for typing?

    For iOS, I can choose multiple langauges from the list on the Settings so that I can choose particular langauges out of the chosen ones when I type. Let's say the default display langauge is in English, but I often get to use Korean and Chinese (simplified) when I send messages. If I were to choose only two, which means I only choose English and Korean, I can simply press the 'globe' button at the bottom of the virtual keyboard to change my language for typing from one to the other, because they can simply alternate at one simple clicking on it.

    However, the problem arises if I wish to choose more than three from the list on the language setting menu. Let's say I choose English, Korean as well as Chinese, and I can't be bothered to press the 'globe' button twice or three times AND I get confused since I don't know what language I would end up typing after single clicking on the button (Meaning, I was typing English but suddenly I would have wanted to type in Korean BUT when I press the globe button to change language, I would have ended up typing in Chinese, so I would have had to press it twice for this case)

    Some people might argue this problem could be easily solved if I press the globe button and hold it until the lists of chosen languages at the top of the globe button and then I slide my finger tip across until I reach the language I want. BUT, I am afraid to tell you that I just can't be simply bothered.

    (The key point is just below..)
    WHAT I want is that since I normally mainly use English and Korean and only occasionally use Chinese, I just want to customize the globe button so that the button only allows the languages to alternate only from Korean to English and vice versa, but NOT to Chinese. BUT, since I also type in Chinese from time to time, I can choose Chinese when the list of several langauges I have chosen for typing once I HOLD the globe button. If this does not work, could anyone please tell me alternative ways which can somewhat resolve the issues, as I am yet to be satisfied with the current iOS way? Thank you.
    10-31-2016 11:39 PM

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