1. evansc22's Avatar
    I hope this is in the right area.

    I'm trying out the whole Photos for iOS with iCloud sync. I've been using google photos and it works great, but I really want to like iCloud photo sync. Here is my situation. I also like the idea of full resolution pictures when I use my "big camera". DSLR.

    Let's say I'm taking photos of my kids. I get 20 shots in, and decide to delete 10 of them. That should leave 10 photos to upload to iCloud, assuming the phone doesn't HDR any of them.

    iOS insists on uploading all 20 photos when I get in wifi range. To remedy this, I go into the recently deleted album and "delete all". iOS should now only upload 10 photos, but it doesn't. The indicator still shows "uploading 20 photos". Why?

    I wouldn't have a problem with this at all if it wasn't for my asynchronous UVERSE internet (only option) with less than 1Mbps outbound. Not to mention that when I'm uploading any number of photos the rest of the devices in the house basically can't use the internet until the picture upload is complete. I guess iOS doesn't do a good job of throttling the outbound connection.

    Anyone else having these problems? Why does the phone insist on uploading all the pictures even though I've deleted and emptied the recently deleted album? Why can't I have the option of NOT storing deleted photos in a recently deleted album!?!
    10-17-2015 05:44 PM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    I don't know what to say. iCloud uploads everything that I take and then when I delete them, they are deleted from the iCloud library too.
    10-17-2015 10:18 PM
  3. evansc22's Avatar
    You are correct. Eventually everything is synced up correctly.

    It's difficult to be clear writing this out. I'll try again.

    If I take 20, and immediately delete 10 pictures, so as not to HAVE to upload the 10 I deleted, Photos seems to upload them anyway. EVEN if I delete them from the "recently deleted albums".

    The reason I'm deleting the ones I don't want is that I don't want to WAIT for something to upload that I don't want to keep. If my upload bandwidth was faster I probably wouldn't care so much, but since it's not I'm trying to minimize the amount of data I'm uploading.

    This REALLY is an issue if I go out and shoot 4GB worth of DSLR photos and import them all into Photos on the Mac.

    Hopefully this makes a little more sense.
    10-17-2015 11:27 PM

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