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    i live in a cold state (the great state of Michigan) and i have to wear gloves in the winter. is there going to be a way to unlock my phone with gloves on any time soon? i originally thought what a great idea...and unless someone has an answer this might be the stupidest purchase of my life. I got an Iphone 5 thats 2 years old.
    12-03-2013 08:26 PM
  2. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    1. Can't use fingerprint scanner without your fingerprint
    2. You cannot have a two year old iPhone 5 because they didn't exist until around Sept 2012.
    12-03-2013 09:01 PM
  3. TiredOfPhoneWar's Avatar
    Welcome, no you dont even need to unlock with finger print scanner because your iphone 5 just cant do that, fingerprint scanner is for the iphone 5s
    12-03-2013 09:07 PM
  4. EmceeGeek's Avatar
    I don't see why it would be a stupid idea to buy an iPhone 5s just because of Michigan winters (I'm from there too). I wear gloves too and in that case you type in your pass code. I don't see Apple ever making a screen and touch ID that is glove compatible.

    You don't have to have touch ID activated on your phone though.

    Sent from my iPhone 5S using Tapatalk
    12-03-2013 11:34 PM
  5. TiredOfPhoneWar's Avatar
    I misunderstood , well you dont need to activate the id scanner, just use the passcode instead
    12-04-2013 12:01 AM
  6. pr1nce's Avatar
    You can't use Touch ID with your gloves on.
    12-04-2013 06:52 AM
  7. phreddyl's Avatar
    How would you like apple to create a fingerprint scanner with gloves? I would have to think its impossible. I guess if you want you can buy the gloves that don't cover the finger tips
    12-04-2013 05:08 PM
  8. iEd's Avatar
    Take your gloves off.

    #Naked Tuesday
    12-04-2013 05:40 PM
  9. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    If your actual skin does not make direct contact with the scanners silicon disk it just does not read but then I suppose you got that message by now and I did not really need to even answer. Oh well I could not resist.
    12-04-2013 05:57 PM

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