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    I’ve always liked the feel of Tech21 cases, I believe they make some of the best cases available for any phone. Are they worth the price tag though? I would argue yes they are despite my constant grievance with their cases, which I’ll get to. First off, the Evo Check is a rubberized case, it feels absolutely beautiful in the hand. If you’re looking for a thin case that allows one handed usage, this is a top contender. The Evo Check is so named because of the check design on the back of the case. I purchased a black Evo Check and I can still see the Apple logo and matte black of my iPhone through it. Due to the rubberized texture of the case, there is great amount of grip to it, you will not accidentally slide the case around whether you have it face down or face up. Added to that, the buttons are very tactile, as close as you can get to an actual click without anything mechanical.

    The cutouts are a little different story. The camera cutout is great, you will have absolutely no issues with the camera. The mute toggle cutout is a deep and if you have large hands, you may have some difficulty toggling mute on and off. The biggest cutout concern is the speaker cutouts. While they are definitely large enough to not cause any issues or concerns with sound, they are very large and expose the bottom of the phone and you may accidentally scratch your phone if it’s in a pocket with keys or anything else. That goes for the charging cable cutout as well, which leads me to my constant grievance.

    I wish, at some point, Tech21 would solidlify the bottom of the case. It’s really my only issue, and it’s always there. The bottom of the case, particularly around the charging port, is very flimsy. It almost moves freely. If they would just run something through there to solidify it, I would have no real issues with the case. The bottom line is if you’re looking for a name brand case, and you want a slim case that adds a lot grip, 3 meter drop protection, and even has a 3 year warranty, the Evo Check is definitely a case to consider. Just try not to leave the bottom of your phone exposed to any scratching hazards.
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    Well done. Thank you for the review.
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