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    I've decided to keep the JAMBOX. My wife's use and interest might be the best sign of it being a good product because she's frugal and likes simplicity.

    This product will not replace a big speaker set or compete with a subwoofer but it does a great job of making podcasts and music at moderate volumes sound good on the move.

    The form factor alone may make it worth more than lesser models or the FoxL because it can be set in many places and stay there. Examples would be setting in on counter splash against wall, music stand next to your iPad....

    I would prefer that the product had more mids or treble but it's plenty find considering the size and form factor.

    Another nice feature is firmware update. I could care less about adding sexy voices but the firmware update did make the buttons more responsive and improved Bluetooth reception from my wife's MacBook to other side of kitchen.

    The input jack had a metal bur on my original red model purchase. When I exchanged it I got silver. The colors are neat but it looks like silver doesn't show dirt and will look better if it gets scratched.

    Back to my wife. She likes simple and found no problem pairing it with her iPhone or choosing output for audio with her MacBook. Both of us love good sound for podcasts and radio without headphones, the tiny phone speaker or blasting the Bose system we have in our den.
    05-10-2011 09:15 PM