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    So here it goes; I got my Rebel a few days ago after I saw a lot of videos on Youtube that said good things about it so I figured I had to give it a shot too.

    I really liked how Switch Easy packaged the case, if you haven't seen it yet let me tell you, it is really cool. The packaging is set to match the colors of the case and almost make the case blend into the packaging. It comes with two great screen protectors, a microfiber cloth, a dock adapter, a video stand, and connector protector. In my mind these are all great little accessories that will make Switch Easy products stand out in my mind when I'm looking around for a new case in the future.

    I expected the silicone shell to be exactly that, just regular old silicone, but it is a very different material. I want to say it has a more plastic-like feel than silicone on the outside, but it still has that soft,absorbent feel on the inside which is great for drops and bumps that might happen.
    So Initially I had my Zagg Invisibleshield on my iPhone when I put the Rebel on, and it just didn't fit quite right. Some of the bezel was left exposed that really bugged me, as well as the bottom corners seemed to lay over the bezel further then they were intended too and onto the screen a tiny bit. I took some time and tired adjusting and re-applying the case a few different times but it still wouldn't end up sitting correctly. At this point I just said screw it, lets get the Zagg off and see if that fixes things. Sure enough it did. Now when I put the silicone part of the case onto the phone it fit almost perfect, but took a little massaging into place to make it just right. And don't worry if it doesn't fit perfectly at first, once you throw the exoskeleton part on as well, it should fit perfectly.
    I was really impressed with how the two parts of the case fit together. The exoskeleton sits slightly raised above the silicone everywhere on the phone, and when I say slightly I mean nothing more than a hair raised. I also really liked the bottom port protector they included, it fits in there nicely and won't fall out on you, but doesn't require some irritating amount of force to remove. The case allows easy access to the vibrate switch as well as the camera hole, and covers both the power button and volume rocker. The only part of the phone left uncovered is really the headphone jack, which would have been nice if they included with the case, but is something I can live without. The only complaint is I have is that the silicone covering the bezel under the home button is a bit flimsy, especially when the dock port protector isn't in. Once the dock port protector is in it does help keep it from moving, but still has a bit more give than I would like.

    I was really worried about how the phone would slip in and out of my pocket, as the majority of the time that's where I like to keep my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it slips in and out of the pocket. I really expected it to be a much more rubbery feel like a traditional silicone case, but it actually does not grip the pocket or even collect pocket lint! I would go as far as to say it slips in and out as easily as the iPhone does without a case on at all.

    All in all I loved the case, it is actually my favorite out of all my cases so far and I have tried quite a few cases(Speck Candyshell, Otterbox Commuter, Incase Slider, Casemate Barely There, etc.). I love the protection it offers combined with the eye catching cosmetics. There are a ton of different colors you can order and of course you can mix and match with any combination you want. Also if you are worried about the added bulk, it actually doesn't add as much as I expected, less than the Speck Candyshell and about the same as a Incase Slider. The fit makes it just seem as if it is part of the iPhone. I really can't say enough about it. If your on the market for a new case that offers full body protection and some serious personality to your iPhone, check this case out.

    I score it at 4.5 / 5. Definitely one of the top cases on the market today.
    04-14-2010 03:33 PM