1. Jebbert67's Avatar
    Can anyone tell me what kind of charge I should expect with a fully Charged Juice pack Air and a completely depleted iphone ? My charge would only go up to 60% after 1 hour. I again tried it,with the iphone at 20% and after about 2 hours it got to 82%. From what I understand ,the Air has a smaller battery than the original and will never go to 100%,but shouldn't it be better than this ? Thanks.
    07-08-2009 07:10 PM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    I saw someone posted on here some were that it takes a while to charge.
    07-08-2009 07:12 PM
  3. foster2380's Avatar
    You're getting about the same power out of it that I am. I posted the question as to why reviewers said it would fully charge their 3G awhile ago. I'm using the 3GS, my only guess is because of the longer battery life of the 3GS the Mophie can't fully charge it.
    07-08-2009 10:01 PM