1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    I'll probably spin up a Windows 8 Consumer Preview instance in VMWare this weekend to check it out. The Metro UI looks very slick and I like the choices Microsoft is making.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried actually syncing an iPhone or iPad with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and iTunes?

    Any problems or issues? (Other than iTunes sticking out like a sore(er) thumb in the new UI?)
    02-29-2012 06:44 PM
  2. Bias X's Avatar
    When installing the preview, it told me I should re-install iTunes as it might not work correctly.
    With a list of other things.
    The only thing that currently says it needs to be re-installed is Cataylst Control Center.
    iTunes seems to be working just fine with me.
    03-01-2012 01:19 AM
  3. cardfan's Avatar
    No issues here with icloud or itunes.
    03-04-2012 05:55 PM
  4. itsalexaye's Avatar
    haven't tried it yet. But I don't really like the metro UI to much, I know they are using the same OS for phones, tablets and PC's but still.

    I guess I just need to get used to it.
    03-13-2012 11:19 PM
  5. Bias X's Avatar
    I wasn't a fan of metro at first. Nor am I still a huge fan of it, but you get use to it pretty quickly.
    03-14-2012 01:27 AM
  6. cardfan's Avatar
    I've got a sound issue with itunes but i think it's my sound driver, not itunes.

    Anyways, I've given this a fair chance and its been my primary OS the past month or whenever it came out.

    Likes: I like the service pack update for windows 7. All the under the hood changes. Like copy n paste doing its thing with any errors to be addressed at the end of it. More details. I'd pay for an update to windows 7.1 even.

    Dislikes: This just isn't worth putting up with Metro. This is some other OS. It's not windows. I hate it. Maybe you might like a Metro tablet, but I don't see the point. I sure as heck don't want it on my desktop. For the first time, this is something I don't want to pay anything for. I'm thinking they should pay me just to put up with it. It really is that bad.

    If the Metro apps bundled here are what is capable (and why would MS design and include them if they weren't), then this is sad. A cruel joke to veteran windows users.

    And the back breaker is MS making metro apps the default apps for opening music, pics, video, etc. This is the first thing i changed. But what's concerning about this is MS seemingly wanting to make windows..or desktop mode apps..a thing of the past. Legacy. Not preferred.

    I have a huge problem with this. Metro is being forced down my neck and i don't like it. Rather than take certain features or functions of their mobile system and simply integrate into windows and actually improve the experience, (like Apple is doing with theirs), windows is a hybrid mess.

    I'll need windows for work applications and this won't change. But for the first time, i've no desire for the next version of windows. I'm definitely considering getting a Mac later. Something that MS has forced me to consider.

    Be careful MS.
    04-01-2012 11:49 AM
  7. cardfan's Avatar
    Microsoft Deputy General Counsel David Heiner told Mozilla it won't permit other browsers for two reasons, Anderson said:

    ARM processors, which power virtually all iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets today, are different from the x86 chips that power PCs. The chips have new requirements for security and power management, and Microsoft is the only one who can meet those needs.
    Windows RT -- the version of Windows 8 geared for ARM devices -- "isn't Windows anymore."

    Here's a cute little question then. Why call it windows if it's not windows anymore? The desktop experience will be total crap with windows stuff that's not windows (we call stuff that's not essential bloatware btw).

    A windows ARM tablet that isn't windows..i can already see the marketing..
    05-09-2012 09:26 PM