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    I am trying to find an app that i could use to lock certain apps e.g whatsapp, tango, messenger android have applock which was great, use a passcode to get into apps but cant find anything similar on iphone, please help.
    05-13-2016 07:51 AM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! There is no way to "lock" WhatsApp. The developers offer no log in mechanism. They want users to have quick access. If you don't want folks peeking at your apps, keep your phone locked.
    05-13-2016 09:28 AM
  3. Butterfly2's Avatar
    None that I know of!
    05-14-2016 02:14 AM
  4. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Previously replies are correct. Apple doesn't allow developers to manipulate iOS's security features like that. Part of the reason is that iPhone's are single-user devices, so the lockscreen suffices for 99% of users. That being said, Apple is going through a bit of a shift right now IMO. For instance, you can now lock individual notes. Maybe something will happen in iOS 10 that will allow you to restrict access to individual apps as well. We shall see!
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    05-14-2016 07:24 AM

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