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    This is a app I found called into live pro

    for creating live wallpapers I will share some on here that in gif and video format you can use with the app plz post your Owen if you find any that work well with iPhone 6 & newer

    One good way I’ve found is save a huff you want pinch to zoom in if it’s to small then record using iOS 11 screen recorder and use that video with the app
    You can edit video you done to edit recording but off in your phone but will have convurt it to mp4 using a computer are online converter before you can upload any videos on here
    Attached Thumbnails Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-a41a181f-e8c3-4c85-bcab-3e23a82c2b61.jpeg   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-15b37794-ee3f-4aa7-b98e-779e25be0623.jpeg   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-75c37d19-8763-4e56-9bb0-4f4dd208cfa6.png   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-12bd86b2-f926-41a4-af5f-3caaf5d56b70.jpg   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-d77becb3-affb-4dbf-8057-81259988310b.jpeg  

    Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-06e974dc-22ff-4266-96a3-c1522c893361.jpeg  
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    Here are some a mine to get us started night have to save images rename them with .gif instead of .jpeg good luck and you can use upload mp4 videos to use with this app

    try clicking on it if the image dose not move

    Attached Thumbnails Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-d0086c98-944e-4742-ba21-518004ea449a.jpg   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-600ef3e8-3f16-465c-b32d-605f4f52702d.jpg   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-7db680d6-5006-4bfe-b5ca-edab0cd50e41.gif   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-4130a23f-b78d-470d-8584-2de5ed7d9f48.gif   Intolivepro IOS live wallpapers-7d21cc2c-9c8c-415c-ad4d-a769f1d97d03.gif  

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    I've had IntoLive for a while now. It's been useful for sure. I don't see much difference it it and the Pro. The Pro offers longer live photos I think and is optimized for iOS 11.
    10-05-2017 09:58 PM
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    Beautiful collections of wallpapers.
    04-22-2021 03:12 AM

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