1. shaleem's Avatar
    My first purchased ringtone.
    Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin
    Gets my attention.
    I used to use “Khartoum” by Led Zepplin. LOL
    11-20-2018 02:52 PM
  2. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    My ringtone is a parody of the Big Bang Theory theme song.... "your iphone is ringing..."

    Click here:
    Still using this one... but will add some holiday themed ringtones in December.
    11-20-2018 03:39 PM
  3. Wotchered's Avatar
    Just the blues clip from Classics
    11-21-2018 05:53 PM
  4. mattguy10's Avatar
    Killswitch Engage - Fixation On the Darkness
    01-16-2019 06:59 PM
  5. iPutz's Avatar
    Depends on who’s calling. I’ve assigned custom ringtones I’ve created, to various people in my contacts. The default ringtone for everyone else is also a custom ringtone I’ve labeled as “Loud a55ed Ringtone“. It’s a standard old landline phone ringing sound that I’ve doctored to be a lot louder then the Old Phone Bell Ring that came on the phone.
    01-21-2019 01:01 PM
  6. staceymj86's Avatar
    I have over 300 ringtones that I’ve created over the years, but only have 50 synced to my phone. My phone is always on vibrate unless I’m off work.
    07-03-2019 10:47 PM
  7. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    For my wife - Brick House (The Commodores)
    For my son - The Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy)
    Everyone else gets Limelight (Rush)
    07-04-2019 12:49 PM
  8. scruffypig's Avatar
    I make my own. Also, I have these Robert Goulet ringtones he did years ago that are pretty swanky.
    07-04-2019 12:59 PM
  9. MSUlover's Avatar
    Michigan State Spartans fight song as my main tone. For hubby it’s “Magnum PI” theme song (for the original, Tom Selleck Show).
    07-04-2019 05:52 PM
  10. VDub2174's Avatar
    My main tone is the theme to Supernatural.
    kataran likes this.
    09-30-2019 03:55 PM
  11. Zalestine's Avatar
    My current ringtone is Sandstorm by Darude, and the text tone I'm using at the moment is The Adams Family.

    -Snap Snap-

    I must admit when I went and saw the movie recently I got hooked on the theme song all over again and had to change my text tone to it.
    11-04-2019 12:48 AM
  12. Michael_Raj's Avatar
    1. My current ringtone is Bablos - snow crystals
    2. My all time favorite is Kill bill whistle theme ringtone
    11-13-2019 03:31 AM
  13. Smply_Rckless's Avatar
    Ringtone, Tory Lanez - Real Addresses
    Text Tone, Tory Lanez - Bal Harbour
    Voicemail, Tory Lanez - For Real
    New Mail, Tory Lanez - Blue Jay Season

    All the other ones are on sounds & haptic options are vibrate only. I rarely ever hear my tones since my phone is on DND 24/7
    11-13-2019 04:55 AM
  14. oliverzofia's Avatar
    The Longest Road - Morgan Page
    11-19-2019 07:42 AM
  15. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    My default ringtone is still the Big Bang Parody... it still gets lots of laughs! I do use special ringtones. For example, I use the Modern Family Theme for all my whacky cousins! I use a special ringtone and text tone for my husband so that I know it's him and answer rather than letting it go to voicemail. Same for my sister.
    11-19-2019 10:31 AM
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