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    I was in Central Florida a few years back when I went to a movie theatre and opted to watch a movie that I had not seen any commercials for. The movie was titled, "The Raid: Redemption". There were approximately 20 people in the entire theatre watching it, but oh what a joy it was watching that movie. To call it an action flick is an understatement. It's a straight up throw-down fighting movie and I loved it........I've yet to see the sequel to which this week's Wallpaper Wednesday feature is showing tribute to, but it is on iTunes and I may watch it later this evening. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics, and if you've seen the movie or its prequel, feel free to chime in. Take care...

    Oh, and the trailer can be seen .
    Attached Thumbnails The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_22_bjqwg_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_25_ewdll_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_36_fpunc_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_23_nrzkf_2048x2048.jpg  

    The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_21_grjsq_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_10_hifci_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_4_lebcf_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_9_flevs_2048x2048.jpg   The Raid 2 Retina Movie Wallpaper-the_raid_2_movie_wallpaper_32_koxgf_2048x2048.jpg  

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    This movie looks good D

    It's going on my watch list
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    07-30-2014 12:47 PM

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