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    The new Wolverine movie is now in theatres… and I got to thinking that many of you may be looking for Wolverine-themed wallpapers. Check out some I've recently found below below, they're sized up for your iPad, but can always be re-jigged for your iPhone or iPod touch.

    Don't be shy, post your own Wolverine wallpapers here too!
    Attached Thumbnails The Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-the_wolverine_retina_wallpaper_01.jpg   The Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-the_wolverine_retina_wallpaper_02.jpg   The Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-the_wolverine_retina_wallpaper_03.jpg   The Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-the_wolverine_retina_wallpaper_04.jpg   The Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-the_wolverine_retina_wallpaper_05.jpg  

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    07-26-2013 02:21 PM
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    Got sent these, look great! I love Claremont/Miller's Wolverine mini-series. Hope the movie does it justice. iPad Retina format, of course!
    The Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-wolverine_roof.jpgThe Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-wolverine_brush_stroke_ipad.jpgThe Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-wolverine_sword_ipad_2.jpgThe Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-wolverine_sword.jpgThe Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-wolverine_claws_side_ipad.jpgThe Wolverine Retina Wallpapers-wolverine_claws_out_ipad.jpg
    07-26-2013 02:43 PM

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