1. Spartan616's Avatar
    Hi I'm planning on getting the new iP4S and I was wondering if there is an app (apple approved or otherwise) that can let me have different wallpapers for each screen and then having the wallpapers change using images from separate folders? If you don't understand here's one way of putting it:

    I have a number of apps that uses up 8 screens, I'd be able to have 8 different wallpapers, each one rotating every so often (30 min - 1 day) from separate image folders so the wallpaper on the first screen/panel only grabs from one folder and the second screen/panel rotates its wallpaper with another image from a different image folder.

    I know there are jailbroken apps that can let you have multiple or rotating/changing wallpapers, but I want both features! Please help if you can, much appreciated.
    10-04-2011 07:33 PM