1. grunt0300's Avatar
    Looking for Star Wars wallpaper(bad guys only). Anybody have any ideas?
    11-06-2010 12:32 PM
  2. paul100's Avatar
    @ grunt0300 : Hi, refer this site ... It will help you. Thanks

    Star Wars Wallpaper Set 5 Awesome Wallpapers
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    11-09-2010 08:48 AM
  3. grunt0300's Avatar
    I have some on my BB9000, stored on my sd card. When i get my iPhone4, hopefully i can get them sent over. Will i have to re-size them, or will the iPhone do it for me?
    11-10-2010 03:14 PM
  4. ePigGames's Avatar
    Thanks for the Link!
    11-19-2010 09:26 AM
  5. carole's Avatar
    It's great!
    11-22-2010 01:29 AM
  6. zyafa's Avatar
    thanks dude!
    12-20-2010 03:51 AM
  7. imohoo's Avatar
    thanks for the link
    04-11-2011 03:41 AM