1. Xtremeyouth1's Avatar
    I'll probably watch Modern Family...funny stuff.
    02-19-2010 12:58 PM
  2. blysik's Avatar
    Another Glee person here. My daughter loves that show.
    02-19-2010 01:04 PM
  3. Jaylou180's Avatar
    Everybody loves Raymond
    02-19-2010 01:05 PM
  4. Himoe's Avatar
    Ohhhh, The Office, and all sorts of sports such as College Basketball, Football, the list goes on and on.
    02-19-2010 01:06 PM
  5. eoyoung's Avatar
    I'd be watching the Winchesters on Supernatural save/destroy the world.
    02-19-2010 01:15 PM
  6. leodagamer's Avatar
    i'll be watching something that is intersting
    02-19-2010 01:20 PM
  7. mattoaks's Avatar
    So many to choose. Definitely the Office, or Chuck, or all of them!!! Just recently been viewing shows from my computer on my TV. Love it, and would love the opportunity to view them on more TV's in my house and on my iPhone!! Pick me!!
    02-19-2010 01:21 PM
  8. chrishull's Avatar
    If I had one right now, it'd probably be the Olympics. On regular weeks, my wife would probably use it for Biggest Loser. Me? Finishing out the season of LOST.
    02-19-2010 01:24 PM
  9. StanTheMan's Avatar
    Amazing Race and Big Bang Theory. Best reality show, best comedy.
    02-19-2010 01:26 PM
  10. Alli's Avatar
    Right now it's Lost all the way. I'm going to need rehab when it ends, but hopefully True Blood will have returned by then. Woot!
    02-19-2010 01:33 PM
  11. Farmdreads's Avatar
    One word: LOST. Although my three year old would say three words: Yo Gabba Gabba. Hell, I don't mind me some Yo Gabba Gabba.
    02-19-2010 01:39 PM
  12. kdstegh's Avatar
    Every single show I could find!
    02-19-2010 01:49 PM
  13. matthew23's Avatar
    Man Men!!! Best show ever. Can't wait for the next season!
    02-19-2010 02:02 PM
  14. MAGNUS's Avatar
    This is a toughy. I would definitely watch Scrubs. One of my favs. Maybe a little bit of Heroes or some Sabado Gigante.
    02-19-2010 02:05 PM
  15. rcfisk's Avatar
    Chuck and Fringe for sure, once the Olympics are finished
    02-19-2010 02:08 PM
  16. Jwmart's Avatar
    LOST and the oFFICE!!!!
    02-19-2010 02:15 PM
  17. strtphrmcsts's Avatar
    The office, "that's what she said.." lol
    02-19-2010 02:22 PM
  18. pinny's Avatar
    Food network. Can never get enough good eats.
    02-19-2010 02:27 PM
  19. Geoff's Avatar
    I'd watch episodes of Modern Family over and over and over!
    02-19-2010 02:29 PM
  20. hermdog's Avatar
    The Olympics would be cool, Overhaulin'.
    02-19-2010 02:37 PM
  21. kayfouroh's Avatar
    I would watch the hell out of Good Eats on Food Network.
    02-19-2010 02:45 PM
  22. libertyforall's Avatar
    I want to watch Firefly -- TOO BAD IT WAS CANCELLED, it was a great innovative TV show. Hopefully it will come back at least as a movie sequel to Serenity!
    02-19-2010 02:58 PM
  23. jbsays's Avatar
    No doubt about it...World Cup matches
    02-19-2010 03:14 PM
  24. mwebsterpgh's Avatar
    Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Games - Yea Baby!
    02-19-2010 03:23 PM
  25. Rsxerr's Avatar
    survivor heroes vs villains!!! ftw
    02-19-2010 03:27 PM
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