1. madmen2009's Avatar
    hi there! long time reader, first time poster here!
    i have a problem..
    Ever since the release of iTunes 9 and the corresponding iPhone update, smart playlists on the iphone come up with just random songs... i mean random songs. songs that i may have just played once show up on the "top 25 played" list...
    and the smart playlists are right when you view them in itunes, but on iphone they're all wrong... has anyone else encountered this?
    is there a way to fix this?
    and i'm surprised apple hasn't released a bug fix for this problem....?

    thanks for any help, you guys!
    10-29-2009 04:46 PM
  2. garpunkal's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem!
    11-18-2009 08:33 AM