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  1. Ipheuria's Avatar
    So to finish off the hot carshow and auto/bike enthusiast women here we go
    09-02-2009 07:46 AM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    more hotties
    09-02-2009 07:48 AM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Finishing up the hot women wallpapers for now.
    09-02-2009 07:50 AM
  4. Ipheuria's Avatar
    A car that is as hot as some of the women I've posted the Audi R8
    09-02-2009 07:53 AM
  5. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Cars from Auto enthusiasts GTGs and more of the Audi R8
    09-02-2009 07:56 AM
  6. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Got more wallpapers coming later tonight.
    09-02-2009 02:18 PM
  7. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Some cars from various euro car shows. A pink accented VW for the girlies out there
    09-02-2009 05:53 PM
  8. Ipheuria's Avatar
    More of the pink accented VW. A Ferrari wheel I played around with in Photoshop and a few others.
    09-02-2009 06:08 PM
  9. Tramain's Avatar
    I like these 1 , 2 , 3
    09-02-2009 06:17 PM
  10. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Thanks wait until later tonight or tomorrow I have some from my trip to Fl last year.
    09-02-2009 08:37 PM
  11. Ipheuria's Avatar
    A few more cars from Gumball 300. Some pictures from The Palms Hotel in West Palm Beach Florida from my trip there last year.
    09-03-2009 07:36 AM
  12. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Another shot of The Palms Hotel in Florida, and a Wallpaper I found online.
    09-03-2009 07:38 AM
  13. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I found a set of pictures from a car show and I've got a few wallpapers I'm working on so will post up some tomorrow
    09-03-2009 10:08 PM
  14. Ipheuria's Avatar
    A couple more one I put together in Photoshop, a few from a recent car show, and a Audi toon.
    09-04-2009 11:27 AM
  15. Ipheuria's Avatar
    After the long weekend more wallpapers coming
    09-08-2009 08:03 AM
  16. Dubster16v's Avatar
    Ok I'm a dub fanatic too and although these aren't strictly wallpapers there are a fair few to choose from, please let me know what you think
    Mobile Photobucket

    Pictures by german-cars - Photobucket
    Last edited by Dubster16v; 09-08-2009 at 12:41 PM.
    09-08-2009 11:35 AM
  17. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Those are wicked, I love the BBS rims and the one with the girl with the T-Shirt classic What kind of car do you drive?

    I have been swamped at work so some more wallpapers should be up later tonight
    09-09-2009 03:14 PM
  18. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Here are some shots from Lake Ontario. My friend was on his boat over the long weekend and spotted these old style boats and this huge over 500 meter ship. I just made this one of the modified Cadillac CTS so I don't know how it looks on the phone.
    09-09-2009 05:58 PM
  19. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Some more shots of the boats on the lake.
    09-09-2009 06:06 PM
  20. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I redid the modified caddy to try and get it to look like it's coming out of the screen haven't tried it yet.
    09-10-2009 07:20 AM
  21. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Some pictures from my trip to Grand Cayman and one I worked on in Photoshop with a bunch of filters and combining a few different images for effects.
    09-10-2009 10:09 PM
  22. Ipheuria's Avatar
    A couple of the Sydney opera house from a friend's trip to Australia. One of a bird for all the animal and bird lovers out there
    09-10-2009 10:10 PM
  23. Ipheuria's Avatar
    A few from a new Wallpaper site I found Enjoy
    09-10-2009 10:43 PM
  24. Ipheuria's Avatar
    LOL made a new wallpaper. It may have been seen a few times by some, maybe not it was my first time getting it. Anyway it's the IPhone's safe mode and I personalized it
    09-14-2009 07:56 AM
  25. Ipheuria's Avatar
    OK got some that I've collected off the web.

    The first one I found online, the skyline was actually modeled in 3D Max as far as I remember and that is one HELL of a job.

    The second one I love because it shows the Toronto skyline so well plus gratuitous Audi shot

    One for the BMW lovers out there

    The F1 women heating up the place
    09-14-2009 05:59 PM
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