1. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Anyone have a good template where I can enter my name and phone # on the wallpaper so that if anyone finds my phone they can have a way to contact me (if they want).

    Ideally, if this was on an overlay that could be superimposed on a current wallpaper.

    How does one extract the wallpapers that came with the 3GS?

    08-08-2009 11:44 AM
  2. Tramain's Avatar
    They have several apps for this. Here are a few Lost Phone, An Owner Info, An Owner Info- Ladies Edition ,
    08-08-2009 12:25 PM
  3. cobra302's Avatar
    i've got a photoshop template that i can send if you want. its basically a black lockscreen that you can remove or add layers to. thats how i make my wallpapers.
    08-08-2009 01:55 PM
  4. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Thanks for the offer. I ended up buying the "Lost Phone" app.
    08-08-2009 03:37 PM
  5. amanda110's Avatar
    i just use iMageFit or photoshop to make my own iPhone wallpaper, you can try.
    09-06-2009 09:45 PM