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  1. jglowe74's Avatar
    Hey Guy's/Gals's check out this AUSOME Ringtone Editor I just found. It imports... creates your ringtone... Exports it to iPhone... All YOU NEED to do is SYnc your iPhone... BAM Instant ringtones... Some may know about it... but I haven't seen it mentioned.... AND IT'S FREE....
    i use the iRinger app on my desktop. couldn't be any easier than this!
    10-21-2009 08:07 AM
  2. salty#IM's Avatar
    Can anyone give me a good website that has free ringtones. I love what you all have done when people ask for a tone and you are able to find/create it. THANKS!!!
    10-21-2009 03:30 PM
  3. Tramain's Avatar
    Can anyone give me a good website that has free ringtones. I love what you all have done when people ask for a tone and you are able to find/create it. THANKS!!!
    Myxer - Download Ringtones and More is very good!
    10-21-2009 06:29 PM
  4. ref1mind's Avatar
    myxer and phonezoo
    10-21-2009 08:01 PM
  5. duckcalf's Avatar
    Oh... good informations...
    10-22-2009 09:03 AM
  6. Zoso1048's Avatar
    Just learn to use WavePad??
    10-22-2009 08:58 PM
  7. cdawg8217's Avatar
    What is up with the Myxer terms of service talking about payments, charges to my wireless bill, etc., when it says that it is a free service?
    10-23-2009 10:15 PM
  8. Mikey62's Avatar
    Hey everyone. Can anyone post the Three Stooges theme song. I love to watch the old shows of them and that song would really be a cool ringtone. Thanks to anyone who can do this. Also, is there a thread on how to make ringtones for the iphone?

    Thanks again everyone!
    10-24-2009 07:50 AM
  9. Zoso1048's Avatar
    Hey everyone. Can anyone post the Three Stooges theme song. I love to watch the old shows of them and that song would really be a cool ringtone. Thanks to anyone who can do this. Also, is there a thread on how to make ringtones for the iphone?

    Thanks again everyone!

    Here's a good tut for making ringtones:
    How to Make Custom iPhone Ringtones with iTunes 7.5 and Audacity hyper-ballads blog

    On a side note, l like to use the free version of WavePad to edit the file l want to make a ringtone of so that l can fade the ringtone out.

    l'll have the Three Stooges ringtone ready for you shortly.

    Edit: Okay. lt's ready.
    Last edited by Zoso1048; 10-24-2009 at 06:52 PM. Reason: Adding Requested Ringtone
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    10-24-2009 06:45 PM
  10. BLiNK's Avatar
    i give up. i have searched for a while and still having no luck... not a fan of music ringtones.

    Where can i find just normal tones? for text, email etc...

    10-26-2009 04:07 PM
  11. richxps's Avatar
    hi BLiNK im in search of the same thing, just a standard ring.

    Does anyone have some standard ringtones to post up ? I see some good ones in this thread but does anyone have a few more.
    10-30-2009 02:24 PM
  12. DirtyIrish's Avatar
    Could someone make a tone <45 sec from his song "till I got high"
    someone on "Myxer" had one that had the chipmonks but when I d/l it it went to the IPhone la-la land
    also I give my Word that when I am able to help I will turn NO ONE down
    11-06-2009 10:18 PM
  13. DirtyIrish's Avatar
    can you tell me the best way to get the ringtones from Myxer to the IPhone
    11-06-2009 10:24 PM
  14. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    Ringtone Request: "Clocks" by Coldplay

    11-06-2009 10:52 PM
  15. Alli's Avatar
    Since I had it, here's Clocks.
    11-07-2009 07:27 AM
  16. amorok's Avatar
    Here is TOASTIE's request PM'ed to me a couple of days ago. Sorry it took a while, I had to find the song, it's not the kind of stuff I listen to.
    11-07-2009 11:09 AM
  17. amorok's Avatar
    Here is the Marine Corp Hymn as requested by Dirty Irish. Sorry, I couldn't find a good copy of Afroman and the Chipmunks, so I can't do that one. Still, here's something!
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    11-08-2009 09:07 AM
  18. amorok's Avatar
    And for BLINK and the others who keep asking for normal ringtones here's one.
    11-08-2009 09:21 AM
  19. iBoxtaboy's Avatar
    And for BLINK and the others who keep asking for normal ringtones here's one.
    Hey thanks. This one is not bad. Would like some more if folks have em.
    11-08-2009 04:27 PM
  20. TOASTIE's Avatar
    Here is TOASTIE's request PM'ed to me a couple of days ago. Sorry it took a while, I had to find the song, it's not the kind of stuff I listen to.
    nice one . thank you mate . any chance of one with just the base line ?

    no worrys if not

    edit . wile we'r at it id like the spam song and the sound of an old Trim phone
    Last edited by TOASTIE; 11-11-2009 at 01:11 PM.
    11-11-2009 01:07 PM
  21. amorok's Avatar
    Sorry, already deleted the Happy Mondays. Gotta be specific in the request. What's the spam song, is it from a commercial?
    11-12-2009 05:15 AM
  22. Alli's Avatar
    The Spam song - classic Monty Python.
    11-12-2009 05:59 AM
  23. jdsomer's Avatar
    Linkin-Park-_08_In-the-end.m4r 350 KB
    Linkin-Park-Bleed-It-Out.m4r 703 KB
    Linkin-Park-Faint.m4r 351 KB
    Linkin-Park-Somewhere-I-Belong.m4r 614 KB
    Madonna-Give-It-To-Me.m4r 548 KB
    Makko-nokia-tune.m4r 361 KB
    Matrix-Phone-Ringtone.m4r 6 KB
    Megadeth-Symphony-Of-Destruction.m4r 320 KB
    Metallica-...And-Justice-For-All.m4r 159 KB
    Metallica-A-little-taste-of-death-part-3.m4r 177 KB
    Metallica-Battery.m4r 337 KB
    Metallica-Blackened.m4r 386 KB
    Metallica-Cyanide.m4r 258 KB
    Metallica-Die-Die-My-Darling.m4r 369 KB
    Metallica-Enter-Sandman.m4r 272 KB
    Metallica-Enter-Sandman-Ringtone.m4r 676 KB
    Metallica-Fade-to-Black.m4r 549 KB
    Metallica-Fuel.m4r 327 KB
    Metallica-Just-the-So-~censored~-what.m4r 35 KB
    Metallica-Master-of-Puppets.m4r 615 KB
    Metallica-Master-of-Puppets-solo-2.m4r 659 KB
    metallica-Metallica---Star-Wars-Imperial-March.m4r 299 KB
    Metallica-My-Apocalypse.m4r 531 KB
    Metallica-Nothing-Else-Matters.m4r 399 KB
    Metallica-One-(solo0.m4r 526 KB
    Metallica-One.m4r 317 KB
    Metallica-Orion.m4r 657 KB
    Metallica-So-What.m4r 400 KB
    Metallica-St-Anger.m4r 693 KB
    Metallica-star-wars.m4r 279 KB
    Metallica-The-Day-That-Never-Comes.m4r 578 KB
    Metallica-The-Day-That-Never-Comes--harmony-riff.m4r 300 KB
    Metallica-The-Day-That-Never-Comes-intro.m4r 533 KB
    Metro-Station-Shake-It.m4r 266 KB
    MGMT-Time-to-Pretend.m4r 298 KB
    MIA-Paper-Planes.m4r 662 KB
    Michael-Jackson-Thriller.m4r 254 KB
    mika-relax.m4r 556 KB
    Moby-Extreme-Ways.m4r 298 KB
    movie-one-missed-call.m4r 157 KB
    Movie-Theme-Back-To-The-Future-Theme.m4r 433 KB
    Muse-Apocalypse-Please.m4r 315 KB
    Muse-Apocalyse-Please.m4r 537 KB
    Muse-Ashamed.m4r 493 KB
    Muse-Bliss---intro.m4r 439 KB
    Muse-Butterflies-and-Hurricanes.m4r 533 KB
    Muse-Butterflies--Hurricanes.m4r 398 KB
    Muse-Cant-Take-My-Eyes-Off-of-You.m4r 518 KB
    Muse-Citizen-Erased.m4r 579 KB
    Muse-Darkness.m4r 698 KB
    Muse-Feeling-Good.m4r 632 KB
    Muse-Hysteria.m4r 687 KB
    Muse-Hysteria-Bass-Intro.m4r 122 KB
    Muse-Hysteria-RT2.m4r 301 KB
    Muse-Hysteria-solo-extend.m4r 663 KB
    Muse-Hysteria-solo--final-chorus.m4r 648 KB
    Muse-Knights-Of-Cydonia.m4r 502 KB
    Muse-Map-Of-The-Problematique.m4r 216 KB
    Muse-Muscle-Museum.m4r 191 KB
    Muse-New-Born.m4r 450 KB
    Muse-Starlight.m4r 290 KB
    Nelly-fertado-ft-Chris-Martin-from-Coldplay-All-Good-Things-Come-to-an-End.m4r 610 KB
    Nelly-Furtado-Say-It-Right.m4r 558 KB
    Nickelback-a-Far-Away-a.m4r 739 KB
    Nickelback-Animals.m4r 523 KB
    Nickelback-Far-Away.m4r 748 KB
    Nickelback-Rockstar.m4r 345 KB
    Nickelback-Rock-Star.m4r 707 KB
    Nightwish-Instrumental.m4r 491 KB
    Nightwish-Nemo.m4r 324 KB
    Nintendo-Zelda-Theme.m4r 471 KB
    Nirvana-Come-as-you-are.m4r 452 KB
    Nirvana-Smells-Like-Teen-Spirit.m4r 646 KB
    Nirvana-Smells-Like-Teens-Spirit.m4r 511 KB
    Oasis-Dont-Look-Back-In-Anger.m4r 631 KB
    Oasis-Go-Let-It-Out.m4r 398 KB
    Oasis-Wonderwall.m4r 342 KB
    Orba-Squara-Perfect-Timing.m4r 246 KB
    Ozzy-Osbourne-Crazy-Train.m4r 384 KB
    Ozzy-Osbourne-Iron-Man.m4r 179 KB
    Pantera-Walk.m4r 629 KB
    Papa-Roach-last-resort.m4r 182 KB
    Paramore-Crushcrushcrush.m4r 372 KB
    Paramore-Thats-What-You-Get.m4r 565 KB
    Parkway-Drive-Horizons.m4r 440 KB
    Pearl-Jam-Alive.m4r 441 KB
    Pearl-Jam-Black.m4r 693 KB
    Pink-Floyd-Wish-You-Were-Here.m4r 615 KB
    Plain-White-Ts-Hey-There-Delilah.m4r 296 KB
    Queen-A-Kind-Of-Magic.m4r 669 KB
    Queen-Barcelona.m4r 611 KB
    Queen-Bohemian-Raphsody.m4r 309 KB
    Queen-I-Want-It-All.m4r 142 KB
    Queen-We-will-rock-you.m4r 496 KB
    Radiohead-15-Step.m4r 607 KB
    Radiohead-15-Step--guitar-riff.m4r 194 KB
    Radiohead-Bangers--Mash.m4r 354 KB
    Radiohead-Creep.m4r 341 KB
    Radiohead-Go-to-Sleep.m4r 303 KB
    Radiohead-Jigsaw-Falling-Into-Place.m4r 619 KB
    Radiohead-No-Surprises.m4r 324 KB
    Radiohead-Reckoner.m4r 652 KB
    Radiohead-The-National-Anthem.m4r 67 KB
    Rage-Against-The-Machine-Bombtrack.m4r 258 KB
    Rage-Against-the-Machine-Killing-In-The-Name.m4r 769 KB
    rage-Rage-Against-The-Machine---Killing-In-The-Name-Of.m4r 717 KB
    Rammstein-Te-Quiero-Puta.m4r 420 KB
    Ramones-Spiderman.m4r 290 KB
    Ramstein-Du-Hast.m4r 357 KB
    Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-Californication.m4r 628 KB
    Red-hot-chili-peppers-Dani-California.m4r 450 KB
    Red-hot-chili-peppers-The-Zephyr-Song.m4r 280 KB
    REM-Losing-My-Religion.m4r 339 KB
    Rihanna-Dont-Stop-The-Music.m4r 383 KB
    Rob-Zombie-Dragula.m4r 633 KB
    Royksopp-Someone-Like-Me.m4r 277 KB
    Saving-Abel-addicted.m4r 331 KB
    Secondhand-Serenade-Fall-for-You.m4r 223 KB
    Shwayze-Corona-And-Lime.m4r 353 KB
    Slayer-Raining-Blood.m4r 207 KB
    Slipknot-All-Hope-Is-Gone.m4r 349 KB
    Slipknot-Before-I-Forget.m4r 476 KB
    Slipknot-Drum-Solo.m4r 677 KB
    Slipknot-Psychosocial.m4r 735 KB
    Snow-Patrol-Chasing-Cars.m4r 275 KB
    Sonnerie-I-phone-CSS-Lets-Make-Love-and-Listen-to-Death-From-Above.m4r 379 KB
    soundtrack-Jaws.m4r 237 KB
    South-Park-Kyles-Mom-Is-A-~censored~.m4r 216 KB
    Spoon-Dont-You-Evah.m4r 326 KB
    Star-Wars-Chewbacca.m4r 10 KB
    Star-Wars-Sable-laser.m4r 16 KB
    System-Of-A-Down-BYOB.m4r 712 KB
    System-Of-A-Down-Chop-Suey.m4r 366 KB
    System-Of-A-Down-I-E-A-I-A-I-O.m4r 575 KB
    Tenacious-D-~censored~-Her-Gently.m4r 365 KB
    Tenacious-D-Tribute.m4r 450 KB
    Teriyaki-Boyz-Tokyo-Drift.m4r 343 KB
    The-Beatles-Hey-Jude.m4r 599 KB
    The-Clash-London-Calling.m4r 534 KB
    The-Cult-She-Sells-Sanctuary.m4r 502 KB
    The-Dark-Knight-Batman-Theme.m4r 195 KB
    The-Eagles-Hotel-California.m4r 609 KB
    The-Hives-Tick-Tick-Boom.m4r 505 KB
    The-Killers-Mr-Brightside.m4r 742 KB
    The-Killers-Read-My-Mind.m4r 448 KB
    Theme-Bugs-Bunny-Theme.m4r 478 KB
    The-Mercenaries-2-Choir-Oh-No-You-Didnt.m4r 278 KB
    The-Prodigy-Firestarter.m4r 360 KB
    The-Ting-Tings-Shut-Up-And-Let-Me-Go.m4r 157 KB
    The-Ting-Tings-Thats-Not-My-Name.m4r 429 KB
    The-Verve-Bittersweet-Symphony.m4r 432 KB
    The-Verve-Bitter-Sweet-Symphony.m4r 577 KB
    The-Verve-Love-Is-Noise.m4r 297 KB
    They-Might-Be-Giants-Phone-Phone-Phone.m4r 242 KB
    Three-Days-Grace-Animal-I-Have-Become.m4r 535 KB
    Three-Days-Grace-I-Hate-Everything-About-You.m4r 598 KB
    Three-Days-Grace-just-like-you.m4r 348 KB
    Tiesto-Adagio-for-Strings.m4r 620 KB
    Timbaland-Apologize.m4r 706 KB
    Tom-Morello-in-guitar-hero-Guitar-Battle-Vs-Tom-Morello.m4r 419 KB
    Tool-AEnema.m4r 167 KB
    TOOL-Jambi.m4r 459 KB
    Tool-Prison-Sex.m4r 356 KB
    Tool-Prison-Sex-ringtone.m4r 343 KB
    Tool-The-Pot.m4r 40 KB
    Tool-Vicarious.m4r 492 KB
    TV-Themes-Champions-League.m4r 661 KB
    TV-Themes-He-Man.m4r 509 KB
    TV-Themes-Sex-And-The-City.m4r 523 KB
    Twisted-Sister-I-Wanna-Rock.m4r 673 KB
    U2-All-I-Want-Is-You.m4r 611 KB
    u2-Angel-of-Harlem.m4r 346 KB
    u2-Babyface.m4r 312 KB
    U2-BD-short.m4r 193 KB
    U2-Beatiful-Day.m4r 458 KB
    U2-Beautiful-Day.m4r 490 KB
    U2-Bloody-sunday.m4r 820 KB
    u2-City-of-Blinding-Lights.m4r 276 KB
    u2-City-Of-Blinding-Lights-ring.m4r 444 KB
    U2-City-of-blindings-lights.m4r 363 KB
    U2-Discotheque.m4r 583 KB
    u2-Elevation.m4r 328 KB
    u2-elevation-1.m4r 372 KB
    U2-Hold-Me-Thrill-Me-Kiss-Me.m4r 450 KB
    U2-In-a-Little-While.m4r 618 KB
    U2-I-Still-Havent-Found-What-Im-Looking-For.m4r 215 KB
    u2-October.m4r 506 KB
    U2-One.m4r 337 KB
    U2-Pride.m4r 334 KB
    U2-she-Moves.m4r 160 KB
    u2-Sunday-Bloody-Sunday.m4r 564 KB
    U2-The-Fly.m4r 717 KB
    u2-Vertigo.m4r 261 KB
    U2-Zooropa.m4r 580 KB
    Various-Dj-Tiesto-Just-Be-(Antillas-Radio-Edit).m4r 731 KB
    walle-ringtone.m4r 109 KB
    Wall---E-Wall-E-Ringtone.m4r 53 KB
    We-The-Kings-Check-Yes-Juliet.m4r 376 KB
    Young-Jeezy-I-Put-On.m4r 561 KB

    download, unzip and drag and drop into ringtones section of itunes

    Did anyone get any joy from these links, just get an error and would love some of these tones.

    11-17-2009 12:32 PM
  24. southflorida's Avatar
    someone here requested these. here's a very short version of ESPN theme song & the ESPN alert tone
    11-18-2009 12:10 PM
  25. -joey-'s Avatar
    there's two thing i like about blackberry, its a great texting device and its message notification sound, short but effective, anyone got something similar?

    i kinda bored with my glass message tone.. and is there a way to change my Y!messenger push notification sound?
    11-20-2009 05:16 AM
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