1. sargd66's Avatar
    Does anyone have the tv show 24 ringtone from back when they were in CTU. It was the ringer that they had on there hardline phones in the office?
    04-03-2009 08:30 PM
  2. dlnmorrow's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing the ringtones!
    04-13-2009 02:18 PM
  3. salscott's Avatar
    I believe the 2nd one is the CTU ring you mentioned....
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    04-25-2009 12:40 PM
  4. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    I created a ton in garage band on my mac, can I put those on here as well?
    04-25-2009 02:13 PM
  5. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    Alright so I normally do music ones so I'll have to post these in separate parts, attached to this one is 2 basshunter ringtones (techno)...

    I'll attach 2 each in separate posts I suppose. :P
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    04-25-2009 02:21 PM
  6. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar

    2 take me away (techno)
    beat it (fall out boy version)
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    04-25-2009 02:22 PM
  7. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    Alright I have to head out, but here is all of what I have, if someone wants one, just post what you want out of the list and I will post the m4r for you...

    Cry For you - September
    Disturbia - Rihanna
    Fire - Ferry Corsten
    I kissed a girl - katy perry
    If I can't dance - sophie ellis bextor
    If you go - sophie ellis bextor
    into the night - santana
    just dance - lady gaga
    let it rock - kevin rudolf
    now you're gone - basshunter
    oh l'amour - erasure
    please don't stop the music - rihanna
    poker face - lady gaga
    right round - flo rida
    shake it - metro station
    viva la vida - cold play
    the way i are - timbaland
    wish we were older - metro station
    WoW - kylie minogue

    then the 4 i already posted.

    if you want me to make any, I'll be glad to do that as well. i'll probably make a few more tonight anyways.
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    04-25-2009 02:25 PM
  8. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    Someone just sent this to me... I got a good laugh

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    05-14-2009 02:42 AM
  9. cjvitek's Avatar
    Is there any way to get a complete file list through the site? Perhaps for the backgrounds as well? Or would that hog too much bandwidth?

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    05-14-2009 11:50 AM
  10. DRLyman's Avatar
    Using this one at the moment. From the movie One Missed Call....
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    05-14-2009 11:52 AM
  11. Allyson Kazmucha's Avatar
    Is there any way to get a complete file list through the site? Perhaps for the backgrounds as well? Or would that hog too much bandwidth?

    complete file list?
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    05-14-2009 11:37 PM
  12. jamesus's Avatar
    I've seen some forums that have the options to just view all attachments, but I think that has to be enabled...
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    05-15-2009 01:07 AM
  13. Kickstar13's Avatar
    Wow nice ringtones everyone. But anyone want something with a gangsta style lol?
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    05-16-2009 12:50 PM
  14. chobbs1's Avatar
    these are two ring tones that I can actually hear when my phone is in my pocket
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    05-21-2009 02:32 AM
  15. damule6666's Avatar
    Can anyone make the main music from the terminator movies as a ringtone?

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    05-27-2009 05:57 PM
  16. icebike's Avatar
    Bird sounds I use.
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    05-27-2009 11:30 PM
  17. Jeremy's Avatar
    Thanks to PreCentral and Palm... here is the Pre's default ringtone for all of us iPhone owners to enjoy!
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    05-28-2009 11:28 AM
  18. chadman's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks!
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    05-28-2009 12:51 PM
  19. Jeremy's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks!
    No problem.
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    05-28-2009 07:02 PM
  20. bmfan#IM's Avatar
    Pink Panther Theme
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    05-28-2009 07:45 PM
  21. gbernier's Avatar
    These are just 3 that i use :P
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    05-28-2009 09:05 PM
  22. KaiZeR85's Avatar
    i got some ill be uploading in a bit
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    05-29-2009 01:37 AM
  23. KaiZeR85's Avatar
    Here's my ringtone, has been for a few years. It's short, so it repeats, the way it should. If you're an MGS fan, you'll recognize this immediately. And when it rings in a room, you can always tell the fellow fans by sound of their snapping necks to see where the sound is coming from.

    I have the (!) sound as well, if anyone's interested. Used to be my text alert sound...

    lol i love that ringtone its awesome! got it already
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    05-29-2009 01:39 AM
  24. KaiZeR85's Avatar
    Arab Money-Busta Rhymes
    Scream Aim Fire-Bullet For My Valentine
    Bulls On Parade-Rage Against The Machine
    Metal Gear Solid 2 Theme
    New Divide-Linkin Park
    On This Day-AlterBridge
    Stay Wide Awake-Eminem
    Waking The Demon-Bullet For My Valentine

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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    05-29-2009 01:40 AM
  25. Shangraham's Avatar
    Hi everyone. I'm a long time lurker, new poster. I talk to jeffdc5 on Twitter all the time. Thanks for all the great ringtones.

    I have been looking for a ringtone for YEARS. Has anyone seen the movie Just Friends? The character played by Ryan Reynolds has a Blackberry and it has the greatest ringtone. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where I could find it? My husband has wanted this ringtone since we saw the movie. I tried making it for him by recording sound clips from the movie but you can still hear the background noise ... even with editing.
    05-29-2009 01:50 PM
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