1. iLoveiPhones's Avatar
    I use an iPod shuffle because it's hard to change the song on the iPhone when I'm exercising. Plus I wanted an iPod that I can throw around and not worry about it's glass screen getting scratched.

    How about you? Do you use an iPod other than the iPhone's built in iPod?
    07-24-2008 12:41 AM
  2. supermum's Avatar
    I use (gasp!!!) a Zune. I LOVE the Zune Pass... I am all about the idea of renting things. I only own a couple of movies as I only watch a movie once (rarely twice) in my lifetime and therefore renting works for me. I am the same way with music... I get into certain bands for awhile and then never want to hear them again. Also, when I get a horribly trendy and catchy song stuck in my head (Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl") I can download it, overplay it until I want to vomit, and then delete it without being charged .99 for a song I don't want to keep for life. When I really love a band/album/etc. I will pay for a CD (I like getting the artwork, etc.) and then rip it onto my Zune.
    Also, I love the idea of the Zune Pass because I can be daring and try out a new band I have never heard of without it costing me a dime (just the monthly rental fee for unlimited downloads.)
    For me it is about saving money WITH the ability to be adventurous.
    07-24-2008 01:51 AM
  3. Squampton's Avatar
    I still use my 3G Nano everyday, mainly to help preserve my iPhone's battery life if I'm gonna be out an about all day long and unable to use my car or wall charger. I've noticed too that sometimes the iPhone iPod's playback gets choppy if you're using a resource intensive App at the same time, so I stick with a dedicated music player.

    I also use the Nano for running (Nike+); even if the iPhone supported Nike+ there's no way I'd use it, it's just too big and heavy compared to a Nano.
    10-27-2008 11:15 AM
  4. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    I used to have an old Nano 2G I used exclusively in the car, but it became a pain to keep updating podcasts on it, so I gave it away.

    Now I fly iPhone solo
    10-31-2008 10:54 PM
  5. Jeremy's Avatar
    I never owned a iPod.... was always against ALL Apple products back then. Things have changed since then but my iPhone's are the only iPods I have.
    10-31-2008 11:22 PM
  6. cjvitek's Avatar

    Although you bring up a good point about changing songs. It would be nice to be able to select a "classic iPod" interface.

    11-01-2008 10:05 AM
  7. b96t's Avatar
    i've been keepin my 1g nano..cause my girl gave it to me and she'd love to kill me if i just put it on my drawer and never use it, hahaha...
    11-06-2008 02:24 PM
  8. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    I still use my 80gb iPod classic since I had it before. Easier to use whole I workout. Saves some battery on my iPhone.
    11-06-2008 04:31 PM
  9. BrianTuneUp's Avatar
    I use my ipod exclusively for music playing. The iphone to me is more of a phone/internet machine than a music player.
    11-12-2008 07:03 PM
  10. Wyatt's Avatar
    I use my iPod Classic 160GB for long trips in the car or when I'm going to be out and about all day. I save the iPhone for short trips like to and from work or out with friends.
    11-12-2008 10:07 PM
  11. thirdprize's Avatar
    I have a 16gb 3G iPhone and an old 80gb iPod. The iPod stays home now with all my music on it while the iPhone gets loaded with a few (16gb) essential tracks for mobile listening. It's gonna be a few more years before iPhones reach the iPods capacity. The bummer is you can swap out the iPods HD but you probably can't on the iPhone.
    11-28-2008 05:21 AM
  12. Levyesq#IM's Avatar
    I have my 3 gen iPod 20 gb U2 version permanently stuck in my Ihome clock radio to wake up to music.
    11-28-2008 05:16 PM
  13. sturamsden's Avatar
    Use my old iPod 5G 60GB as a portable hard drive but I just got an iPhone so now I don't know what to do with my 1G Touch. Probably going to give it to my Dad...
    11-29-2008 04:22 AM
  14. mth785's Avatar
    I have music on my iPhone but rarely use it for music. I use my 80GB iPod to power my car stereo and to get me through work.
    12-03-2008 02:55 PM
  15. JustinHorn's Avatar
    I have music on my iPhone but rarely use it for music. I use my 80GB iPod to power my car stereo and to get me through work.
    When I first got my iPhone 3g 16GB I stuck with my 80GB iPod for a month or so since I have about 36GB of music, but now I rarely use my iPod. I just put on the music I listen to more on my iPhone and it's one less thing to carry around.
    12-03-2008 03:08 PM
  16. Zexel's Avatar
    I have an 80GB Classic that stays in my car 24/7 hooked up to my head unit. If I wasn't so obsessed with music, or couldn't afford a head unit with a direct dock connection, I wouldn't have 2 Apple music devices.
    12-04-2008 11:52 PM
  17. nickl's Avatar
    I use a 30g Video iPod in the car - always hooked to the stereo (unless I get some new music and need to sync). For running, the shuffle is the only way to go. I have songs on the iPhone but I rarely use it for playing music. However, I have used it to watch a couple of movies while flying. Anyone have their iphone connected to a car stereo when a call comes in? What happens?
    12-09-2008 10:19 AM