1. archie's Avatar
    Wadia Digital has released information on their new iPod dock. The iTransport bypasses the iPod's internal D/A coversion and output stage for a "clean and unadulterated" audio signal. The iTransport features bit-perfect S/PDIF digital audio output, high-resolution component digital video output and analog audio and video outputs.

    The Wadia unit is compatible with current iPod models including the iPhone and iPod Touch and will be available in February with a retail price of $349.


    Fianally! Now we can get sound that is better than CD. The iPod can offer jitter free streams, something CD players cannot do. This in conjunction with AIFF RIPs will do it for me. It might be time to start foregoing the use of CDS.

    Now we need bigger hard drives that can stream. hmmmm...
    01-04-2008 11:31 AM
  2. secretmuscle's Avatar
    sweeet. cant wait for this.
    06-12-2009 02:41 AM