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    I called T-Mobile last night to get more information on the $30 a month prepaid plan with unlimited text and data but 100 minutes. I tried to tell the person that I had the Verizon iPhone4, so I would have to buy an unlocked iphone or the S3 or S4 when its out. Just not sure if I want to go back to Android. I will use VoIP for most of my calls and when at home on WiFi anyway. Right now I have Talkatone and Google Voice working. But really bummed I thought I could port my number now to Google Voice but the area is not supported. I wanted to make sure I will never lose my current number....But anyway

    Has anyone else heard of that, T-Mobile being able to use Verizon LTE phones as long as it has a Sim card?
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    If you look around, we've had discussions here about the Verizon version of the iPhone5 being unlocked on the SIM and it is able to be used if activated SIMs from other carriers are inserted in the phone. As to other non-Apple devices being useable on T-Mobile, you might look at's forum.
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    I just thought it still would not work. Does not really matter for me anyway I don't have an LTE phone .
    03-28-2013 02:01 PM

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