1. jclisenby's Avatar
    Tweetbot, always. I have the official app and only use it if there are issues with Tweetbot.
    11-30-2014 05:56 PM
  2. BuddhaBChrissy's Avatar
    Tweetbot = LOVE.
    12-28-2014 07:52 PM
  3. jmendel33's Avatar
    Official app all the way, tweetbot 3 doesn't give enough notifications, but I do like the way they handle lists though
    12-29-2014 12:04 AM
  4. jmendel33's Avatar
    After last night when my son wouldn't sleep the Twitter app would only load a certain amount of tweets, that and all the new promoted ads convinced me it was time to return to tweetbot
    01-01-2015 05:46 AM
  5. rayz336's Avatar
    Still using Tweetbot and hoping the new year brings a new iPad app
    01-01-2015 08:45 AM
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