1. robertwo's Avatar
    I have recently purchases a iPhone 4 and have installed Facebook.

    Now, the problem i am having is that the Push Notifications seem to have stopped working. i have checked all the settings and everything is set to ON, but still no notifications.

    anyone have any idea why this is happening?

    Secondly, I assumed that having chat as part of the Facebook app would mean that I could Go Online and then exit out of Facebook and use other apps or the phone but would still stay online in Facebook Chat. i have run a few tests and as soon as I leave Facebook chat goes offline and friends are unable to see me on their chat list.

    is this normal or should Facebook/chat stay running in the background and should i not receive a notification when a new chat or message etc. arrives?

    A few details about the OS version etc.:

    Phone Version 4.3.3 (8J2)
    Carrier: Vodafone UK
    Model: MC603B

    Facebook Version: 3.4.2
    06-16-2011 01:09 PM
  2. robertwo's Avatar
    One other problem;

    If I have Facebook Chat open and online, I can see a list of friends online etc, but if any of them try to chat with me I am not informed of it.

    I have to either come out of chat, say back to News Feed, or exit Facebook and then go back in to Facebook and Chat to see that someone has actually start a chat with me.
    06-16-2011 01:13 PM