1. ZeTaBYTeS's Avatar
    How to clear Facebook app chat history? I tried going offline in "Chat" and logging out of Facebook app but it's still there upon login
    01-20-2010 09:05 PM
  2. BLu's Avatar
    I had this happen to me too. If logging out/in again doesn't do it try swiping across the chat to bring up a delete button.
    01-21-2010 02:31 AM
  3. ZeTaBYTeS's Avatar
    I already swipe-deleted the chat session (via most recent user list on top of the "Chat"). Any other thoughts?
    01-21-2010 04:24 AM
  4. ZeTaBYTeS's Avatar
    Anyone? :'(
    01-22-2010 08:50 PM
  5. John-Fox's Avatar
    The history, I believe, is stored on facebook's servers. Delete it while online and on facebook.
    01-23-2010 04:05 PM
  6. gpallen1's Avatar
    I had the same issue...I had to swipe it twice and select delete twice in order for it to disappear on my iPhone. I have similar issues with private messages on my iPhone through the FB app. Most of the time, I have to delete those twice as well...kinda irritating actually.
    01-27-2010 09:09 AM