View Poll Results: Whats your favorite Twitter app

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  • Tweetie

    1 2.63%
  • Tweetie 2

    16 42.11%
  • Twitterrific

    5 13.16%
  • Twitterrific Premium

    3 7.89%
  • Twitbit

    1 2.63%
  • Twittelator Pro

    3 7.89%
  • SimplyTweet

    4 10.53%
  • TweetDeck

    2 5.26%
  • Tweeterena Pro

    0 0%
  • Other

    3 7.89%
  1. Tramain's Avatar
    I just keep my sms alerts on for twitter and that good enough push for me.
    07-18-2009 08:36 AM
  2. li2327's Avatar
    I know this is a dumb question but I'm new to Twitter. What is that RT that I see on tweets? I never knew what that meant.
    07-18-2009 08:40 AM
  3. Tramain's Avatar
    I know this is a dumb question but I'm new to Twitter. What is that RT that I see on tweets? I never knew what that meant.
    Re Tweet ..............
    07-18-2009 08:41 AM
  4. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    ...another brilliant idea, especially since most users have unlimited text!

    I just keep my sms alerts on for twitter and that good enough push for me.
    07-18-2009 08:48 AM
  5. Tramain's Avatar
    ...another brilliant idea, especially since most users have unlimited text!
    Yea and you can even select which people you wanna get alerts for.
    07-18-2009 08:49 AM
  6. Alli's Avatar
    You'll see once you follow more than 50, even trying to manage them via sms becomes unweildy. There's no easy way to turn them on/off, and no way to remember who you've got turned on until a tweet comes through from them...and how do you ever remember who you forgot?
    07-18-2009 10:11 AM
  7. jhamilton3's Avatar
    General FYI:

    TwitBit has a problem with showing all of the tweets you receive.

    Hopefully they can get this fixed soon.
    07-19-2009 02:29 PM
  8. frubio2012's Avatar
    If any of you are looking for a good, solid twitter app loaded with features (especially Push), I suggest you look at SimplyTweet. The 2.0 version just came out onto the app store.


    - Browse CONVERSATIONS - display the reply chain of a message all in 1 screen
    - Saved views (create groups of friends, etc)
    - Saved notes for accounts
    - Multiple accounts support
    - HootSuite integration: importing of Twitter accounts from HootSuite
    - Swipe-to-reveal shortcuts
    - Perform search
    - Saved searches
    - Photos search
    - Favorites support
    - Trends support
    - View your Friends timeline and Mentions timeline
    - View the public Twitter timeline
    - Load older tweets and direct messages
    - Unread counts display
    - Scroll to last read tweet
    - Post tweets, RT
    - Landscape drafting mode (Tweets and DMs)
    - Reply to multiple people at once
    - Delete tweets
    - Reply to tweets
    - Tweetshrink support (both tweets and DM)
    - Direct messages, including browsing list recipients and autocompletion
    - Saving of drafts
    - Support updating of user profile within SimplyTweet
    - Follow and un-follow
    - Built-in web browser (including landscape mode browsing)
    - Instapaper Support
    - Configurable image compression for uploads
    - Posterous Support (multiple photos with hashtags converted to tags)
    - Posterous support for long tweets
    - TwitPic support (multiple photos)
    - yfrog support (multiple photos)
    - Bookmarklet Support
    - Option to change the timestamp display format
    - Built-in photo viewer
    - Address book access when drafting tweet and direct messages

    Follow @simplytweet on Twitter.

    What's new

    - Push notification support for Direct Messages and Mentions
    - Added themes
    - Performance improvements
    - Location services
    - URL shortening support in Tweet and DM drafting
    - Add support for opening a user profile directly (Go to User)
    - Bug fixes

    A great thing is that the push notifications are for all direct messages and mentions, not just direct messages and mentions from other SimplyTweet users. I suggest you try the lite version first, which has no ads, just limited features (and no push). If you like it, buy the full version. Another great thing: This dev (MotionObj) ads new features like crazy. You can expect big updates to the app every week or two with great new features.
    07-19-2009 08:33 PM
  9. rviphone's Avatar
    Twitterfon - Simple and best
    07-20-2009 04:29 PM
  10. sbrianw's Avatar
    i like twittelator pro or tweetie
    07-20-2009 06:49 PM
  11. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I searched and didn't find many threads about this topic. What are you guys/gals using for Twittering and other Social Networking sites? Throw up names, links, cost and reveiws.

    I've used
    qtweet: Loved the interface but I just couldn't bring myself to pay for something I could find a free app that would do the same thing just as well
    Duo: Allows me to update twitter and facebook at once. I love this it's very simple and gets the job done
    Motherfeed: I got friendfeed and Motherfeed allows me to post to both twitter and friendfeed. Again simple and gets the job done.
    Pixelpipe: My all time favorite because I've added twitter, facebook, friendfeed,, twitpic, and flickr. Pixelpipe allows me to update friendfeed and twitter with pictures as well as all the others if I choose to so it's my number one pick for now.
    07-23-2009 04:20 PM
  12. Alli's Avatar
    There is a huuuuuuuuuuuge thread on Twitter apps here.

    If you want to update Twitter and FB together, make sure your accounts are linked, and include the #FB hashtag in your Twitter status update.

    I like Twittelator Pro because it lets me use Mobypic, which in turn updates all my associated sites: youtube, Flickr, Brightkite, etc.
    07-23-2009 04:52 PM
  13. carlito507's Avatar
    I like twitterific. I have Tweetie as well but it lacks some features that Twitterific provides to make it my preffered Twitter app
    07-23-2009 04:52 PM
  14. lgreenberg's Avatar
    I like twitterific. I have Tweetie as well but it lacks some features that Twitterific provides to make it my preffered Twitter app
    Like what?
    07-23-2009 04:53 PM
  15. Freiteez's Avatar
    I have tweetie, dont like it.

    I use Twitterfon.
    07-23-2009 04:59 PM
  16. Corrina's Avatar
    I predominately use Twitterrific Premium but I keep TwitterFon to use when I want to @ someone who's not in my immediate timeline or when I want to see who others follow. Not sure why Twitterrific doesn't do those things. Other than those 2 instances, however, Twitterrific is all I need and I'm very happy with it.
    07-23-2009 05:10 PM
  17. jesikae2009's Avatar
    I've used both Tweetie and Twittelator Pro - must say Twittelator Pro is definitely my fav. UI is awesome!
    07-23-2009 05:46 PM
  18. nixproto's Avatar
    I use ( and LOVE) tweetie. Just waiting for 2.0 to come out. He's holding out for some weird reason...
    07-23-2009 06:13 PM
  19. Unchewable's Avatar
    def Tweetie remembers where i am at which was one of the big things and the retweet option that many apps have interface is nice. another thing to note i have mine connected to facebook and twitterific would post my @replies to facebook tweetie does not and was one of the big reasons i stuck with it.
    07-23-2009 06:19 PM
  20. Shangraham's Avatar
    I've tried at least 6 and Tweetie is always the one I go back to. I wish it would add a counter to it though so you could be alerted to new @replies, and DMs.

    TwitterFon is my favorite free app but the latest version added ads in the most distracting place. I can't use it until they fix that. It drives me nuts.
    07-23-2009 06:22 PM
  21. jimmers's Avatar
    I mainly use 2 twitter clients. Twitterena is my favorite that I always end up going back to. I also use Tweetie with Boxcar for the push notifications. If it wasn't for the integration with Tweetie I wouldn't use it as often. I like the way Twitterena refreshes better than Tweetie. It has a "magical" refresh which automatically takes you to the first unread tweet. With Tweetie I'm constantly scrolling up and down to find my last read tweet.

    On another note, Twitterena is suppose to be coming out with an update to Twitterena Pro that will include Facebook integration. Now if it would just also implement push it would be my one and only twitter app!
    07-23-2009 06:30 PM
  22. budwizer's Avatar
    Why not post a poll on the front of this thread with the 5 or so most popular clients so that folks can vote?
    07-23-2009 06:43 PM
  23. Roxmo's Avatar
    I tried TwitterFon, Twitterrific and Twittelator. Now I use tweetDeck and I love it!
    07-23-2009 07:12 PM
  24. RADEN's Avatar
    I've been using TweetDeck on my desktop for a while now and I can't live without the groups I created so that's my obvious choice for the iPhone. From the comparison Alli posted, it seems Twittelator Pro is the only other client with groups and TweetDeck is free (and has almost all of the same features). It's a no brainer for me. After the latest update I haven't had any issues on my 3GS. I can sync my groups with their server fine now.
    07-23-2009 08:12 PM
  25. carlito507's Avatar
    Like what?
    Twitterific shows how many tweets since the last time I loaded it, scrolls to newest tweet, it lets me post a new tweet from inside a trending topic or a search. Tweetie doesn't let me do that.
    07-23-2009 09:18 PM
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