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    Went and saw the premiere of this movie with the wife...stars Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley and revolves around the idea that you can take your consciousness and swap it with another person (in Ben's case, it was because he was dying, but it could be done with anyone pretty much as long as the original person was still alive in some capacity, lol).

    It's a decent sci-fi, but I felt that the movie didn't really delve into the subject enough...and became too much of a drama, and left the science fiction at the door once you got the jest of what the process does. For about an hour, the movie was simply a kind of boring "on the run" flick, and I became a bit tired of seeing Ryan Reynolds and his wife and daughter escape situation after situation while thinking "Nobody would be this lucky...it's just not believable at all."

    The end was absolute cheese, and made me roll my eyes...(MAJOR SPOILER)...the whole bullet in his mouth thing counter acting the entire process and rendering it ineffectively COMPLETELY was just so stupid...and while they did lead to the process being effected by metal at the beginning, making it totally fail was stupid to me. There was also a scene with a flame thrower that just completely ignores logical science (at even a base level) and provides a laughable moment that should have actually been a serious part. Our whole theater laughed!

    The redeeming person in this movie was the daughter...she was absolutely adorable! LOL! Some of her lines truly made me smile and laugh, and for a kid actor, she was damn good.

    This is a Netflix movie at best.
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    06-29-2015 10:34 AM

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