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    I saw this movie quite some time ago at a premiere (one of my wife's friends was involved in the films production)...forgot to do a review though because it was around the holidays and for whatever reason, I just forgot! LOL!

    Anyways, this movie hit close to home because one of my best marine buddies happened to also be a tank engineer during his service. The stories we've shared together (even though I didn't serve directly with him) just really make the idea of a tank squadron a more personal experience...from the confined interior, to the maintenance done to the machines and the way the teams become close knit families...it was a lot more personal than your normal military film.

    Everyone in the movie was just fantastic...including Brad Pitt, who I normally associate with more "fun" films, but in this case, he was just a bad a$$! I learned that during filming, Shia LaBeouf actually cut his own face with glass every day so the scar on his face was more legitimate...he's kind of a nut case, but that is some crazy investment, lol. He was actually great in this movie too. The story itself felt so dreary and dark, and for good reason, they were in a really terrible situation and made whatever they could of it. In the end, it was very sad but very satisfying...

    Definitely worth watching...it's a bit down trodden from the get go, but a great period piece. I loved it!
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    01-19-2015 04:32 PM
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    Thanks for the review Sean. I absolutely loved this movie and have already watched it 3 times and pre-ordered the blu-ray. And yes I agree that Shia LeBeouf was especially great in this film. Overall a great movie imo.
    01-19-2015 09:03 PM

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