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    Teach you how to stream videos from pc to mobile device

    Recently, I have found a solution about how to stream videos from pc to mobile device. I think this is a so interesting technology that I can freely enjoy movies in anywhere of my house by my iPhone or iPad. Now I will share it with you and show you how to set up it in detail. Hope this can help you and enrich your home entertainment.

    Take iPhone as an example.
    1. Share your movie folder
    Take Folder HD Movie as an example: right-click -> Properties -> Sharing Tab

    2. Connect VidOn Player to Your PC
    Download VidOn Player to your mobile device.

    Make sure your PC and Mobile device are in the same LAN
    Run App-> Click to open Network Share-> Click + icon-> Choose Windows Share/Samba.

    Then enter your IP address, PCs user name & Password > Click √
    If your computer does not require user name & Password to login, just click √ and done.

    3. Enjoy HD Movies
    Select the Server which you just added to browse. Then the files will be seen. Click the file, you can see all HD movies of it.
    To Play Thor, just select the filename.

    Now, enjoy HD movie on your mobile device.

    The method is very easy. Can you get it?
    05-10-2014 02:52 AM
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    Or, one can add the movie to their iTunes library and home-share...
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    05-10-2014 01:51 PM

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