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    My wife worked on the locations crew on this film, so we got a chance to go see this film at an Atlanta red carpet premiere about a month ago (I just forgot to review it here).

    Anyways, this movie stars Hugh Jackman (I'm personally a huge fan of him), Jake Gyllenhaal and Terrence Howard (though he was more of a bit part player). The movie surrounds the kidnapping of Hugh and Terrance's character's daughters (happens right off the bat) and follows the police investigation through the first 48 hours of the missing child report...after they find a suspect, they are unable to get any information that is relevant to hold him, so they have to let him go...and that is when things get interesting, as both dad's decide to abduct this guy, and use their own flavor of justice in order to try and find out where their daughters are.

    This movie is a brutal assault on your senses and morality...I can't lie, there were many times in the movie where I felt torn between what is right and what is satisfying, and I was usually swaying on the side of satisfaction vs. morally proper. You see a lot of gruesome things, you see a lot of heart wrenching images, and ultimately, you get to actually WATCH what most people only THINK about when they hear about a child abduction and the apprehension of a suspect...the recent news reports about Ariel Castro is a chilling reminder that these things do actually happen, and I think that this movie reflects what most of us thought while hearing about that situation.

    It's an excellent movie, the acting is top notch (Hugh gives an absolutely stellar performance), the writing is perfect, and there are elements to how it all comes to a climax that I really REALLY liked...it has an ending that you don't normally find in this nature, but it worked so so well.

    Definitely a must see, but be forewarned, it is a slow movie, it's a dreary experience, and it's a very QUIET movie (it's part of the films eerie draw in my opinion)...make sure you're not sleepy, or in a theater with noisy people because you'll ruin it for yourself in either case.
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    10-12-2013 11:13 PM
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    "Prisoners" is definitely one of the movies I plan to see. Anyway, thank you again for the movie review, Sean. It is appreciated, sir...
    10-13-2013 08:56 AM
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    Thanks for the review, been wanting to check it out, prob this week.
    10-13-2013 09:00 AM

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