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Apr 21, 2009
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Hi all - our most recent iPhone title, "Zombie Pub Crawl" is now available on the App Store.

Zombie Pub Crawl offers a unique concept, mixing zombie shooter action with strategy game play reminiscent of Command and Conquer, as you guide a tank and a crew of lager-lusting mates from pub to pub while defending against the onslaught of zombies.

Please check it out - and thank you for all your support!!

Here is a screen shot, a youtube link, the App Store link, and the press release:


youtube: Zombie Pub Crawl

App Store: Orange Crane Games


Orange Crane Games' iPhone Title ?Zombie Pub Crawl? Now Available

Players must protect pubbing pals from an attack of the undead

SALT LAKE CITY?April 20, 2009?Orange Crane Games is pleased to announce that its latest iPhone video game title ?Zombie Pub Crawl? is now available on the iPhone App Store.

?Zombie Pub Crawl? combines strategy gameplay with zombie shooter action, producing a unique and compelling iPhone platform gaming experience.

Despite an uncontrollable viral outbreak that reanimates the dead in London?s cemeteries at night, you guide a lager-lusting crew from pub to pub with Britain?s famed Matilda II battle tank. Navigate through London?s cobbled streets, which are infested with zombies. Mow down throngs of immortal mutants that threaten to dry your taps. Pick up ammo and earn upgrades to help clear the path between taverns. But watch out: The zombies are ravenous for the flesh of the living, and they don?t thirst for ale?they thirst for blood.

?Zombie Pub Crawl? offers a quick-play game mode, a campaign game mode, and a training mode.

Quick-play game mode is pure survival: Guide your mates to as many pubs as possible; earn tank upgrades along the way to fend off the persistent onslaught of zombies. There are three levels of difficulty for great jump-in and jump-out action and continued replayability.

Campaign game mode offers several game types, each with a progression of levels. Earn cash by successfully completing each level, and then visit the upgrade store to upgrade your tank's speed and your gun's capabilities. Game types include:

? Gather Your Mates?Collect mates from each pub that you pass and safely guide them to reach the end pub.
? Quench That Thirst?Safely navigate your crew along a series of pubs before time runs out.
? Zombie Rampage?Reach the destination pub while withstanding the throngs of zombies.

Training mode includes three levels to help get you started:

? Follow the Target
? Drive the Tank
? Get the Zombies

Unique iPhone Engine

Orange Crane Games worked in collaboration with game developer Smartbomb Interactive to develop the iPhone game engine used in ?Zombie Pub Crawl.? A top priority when creating this engine was to guarantee quick load times and a great frame rate. The payoff for players is that there is no waiting time and no loading time between the menu and in-game shooter action?players can progress through levels uninterrupted by a loading bar.

Up Next

Several game modes will be available after this introductory release, including a Santacon mode (a nod to all those Santacon lovers), where players have to protect a pub-hopping crew of Santas. Also in the works are additional weapons including a flamethrower, more cities, different vehicles, and of course next-generation zombies.

What Gamers Are Saying

?Zombie Pub Crawl has one of those unique concepts you don't see every day.?

"This is the most addicted I have been to a game since Red Alert Yuri's Revenge. Great for a quick game but challenging as well. Zombie killer!!"

?...If you like Zombieville or want a different twist on the zombie genre, Zombie Pub Crawl is pretty fun. The eerie soundtrack along with the screaming women and the gameplay itself are done well, and I think you?ll enjoy it...Actually, I enjoy Zombie Pub Crawl a lot more than Zombieville for the simple fact that you're not just shooting...?

Pricing and Availability

?Zombie Pub Crawl? is available on the iPhone App Store at an introductory price of $0.99. ?Zombie Pub Crawl? will have a full price of $2.99.

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