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Yoyobase.com Vapor Pro Review


New member
Oct 13, 2011
Alright, so Yoyobase has started to send me cases for review. This one is of the Vapor 4 Pro, but it is a first gen with the shorter plastic tab. Please don't ruin this thread with hate remarks. I review anything I am sent or cases that I personally purchase. I am using an iPhone 4S.

Ease of Install: Medium - If you are used to handling tiny screws, then you shouldn't have a problem here. After you get the screws lined up, it is straightforward from there. The rubber padding pieces are also a little tricky to install since they are small.

Accessory Compatibily: Other than my car charger, my other accessories are stock from Apple. They all fit fine. I have an AT&T car charger.

Fitment: Excellent. This has a much better fit than my other white Vapor 4 Pro case. Goes around the phone quite snug and leaves no gaps. I was actually afraid that it was too tight at first, but after screwing it together, it was perfect. The mute and volume buttons are a little hard to reach. This isn't a problem that's specific to this case though. This is just how these cases are designed.

Signal Performance: I don't do DB tests. If you guys really want me to, then I will. I personally think DB tests are not necessarily unless you notice a performance change with a case on. There was no change in 3G+, WiFi, or GPS functionality. My speeds were all normal.

Quality: 7/10 - This is a very good bumper case considering the price which is under $30. There is a slight misalignment where the plastic tab meets the meal, but it is very slightly off. The paint doesn't look quite as good as the authentic cases, but it is still nice. I was sent the violet color which actually looks nice on a white iPhone so the girls should be happy here.

It comes with all the bells and whistles like a carrying case, screw driver, back cover skin, and the certificate of authenticity. The back cover could have been better quality. There are some bubbles in the one I received.

Overall Impression: Pretty dang good deal. I got the case promptly, 10 days to Michigan. The case isn't perfect, but I'd be more than happy to pay $23 for this case. I already spent that much on another color. This case only has minor issues which are very negligible. The fit is absolutely perfect and gives the iPhone a slight lay on the table design.

The seller is very responsive through email and also takes suggestions on how to improve his site. I'd more than recommend Yoyobase.com for your iPhone needs if you do not mind a longer shipment time from China. They do offer expedited shipping, but be prepared to pay almost as much as the case.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like me to add to my reviews. I will be doing more from now on.