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hojin lee

Nov 23, 2012
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Hi Download Pro iPhone App Review

I will introduce a very good player for video and music
Many people watch videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Dailymotion, etc to iPhone or iPad.
But the internet connection environment is not good for me in 3G, LTE. So I want to see video clips at any time without
buffering by storing video clips on the website such as Youtube, Ted and Dailymotion, etc.
Now, many video download application in iTunes. Especially, I recommend a Hi Download App.

< Provides Special Features >
It provides Easy Manual.
It provides Famouse Favorite Site.(available for download)
Everyday update, the latest music, hot album, hot chart.


If you don't know well how to use, you can see the detailed manual when click to manual icon
Also, In How-To-Use, it provides how to mp3 download in 4shared and how to HD download in Youtube.
Click to favorite icon, u can use to the recommended sites(available for download)


Download videos. Download menu appears automatically when you play the video. First, click to Download button.
Second, Select to Video Title when click to Done button. Third, Go to the Download Tab, you can check the status of
the download file.

1. Download menu appearsautomatically when you play the video.
2. Select to Video Title
3. Status of the Download File

The menu is displayed when you drag your finger on file or folder. Download a file or folder can transfer CameraRoll,
and can be shared with Facebook or Twitter. Add to favorites by pressing the star-shaped display.
It provides Refeat, Random, Fullscreen, Freeze screen, Quick Add to Favorite. You can play the prev or next file when
use fingers slide on screen.


Share on facebook.Selection menu displayed when u drag finger on file. Click to Share button.
Selected facebook and click to publish button.


Easy Sort Features. Provides Recent, Alphabet, Custom Order. Especially, Custom Order is sort to easy after selected
recent or alphabet orders. Also, Press and hold on file or foler and Drag with finger on file or folder.


It provides background play and background download. Background displayed video title and snapshot.


It provides backup and load features in itunes.


Turbo mode provides you with downloading 4 times faster than general mode.(Fast downloading)

Hi Download Plus - Free Version, 10 Downloads, can't use cameraroll and turbo mode

Hi Download Pro - Paid Version, 3.99$, Infinite Download, can use all features.
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