Your Vision for the Apple Watch?


Nov 7, 2012
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Hey there!

Ever since the announcement of the Apple Watch and the advent of smartwatches in general, I've been thinking about how far the devices can go. We've seen cell phones evolve into smartphones and now miniature computers. Of course, of that we have companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and the numerous hardware manufacturers to thank for that.

But in addition to them, we have a vast multitude of talented and intelligent developers who have managed to show our devices new possibilities. Things we once never dreamed could happen on a 3 or 4 or 5" screen are now, at times, our only window to these new possibilities.

The Apple Watch and the smartwatch market, in terms of capabilities, seems to still be in its infancy. Many of us are looking towards the Apple Watch with the vision of not what it is now, but what it will be and can be in the future. Like our iPhones and iPads before it, the Apple Watch will evolve and grow.

So I ask; what do you hope to see in the short or long-term future of the Apple Watch? Whether it's an existing developer extending their phone app to the Watch, a new developer brining an entirely unforeseen possibility to the Watch, or Apple executing its vision for the future, what do you want to see from the Apple Watch?

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