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WTS Like New iPhone 5 Cases

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New member
Oct 29, 2010
Item Description : Like New iPhone 5 Cases
Price : $45 - Shipped free anywhere in the U.S. Retail Price : $89.99
Rate it : 9.9/10
What it comes with : (Click on title for more information)
  1. 1 Silver Case-Mate Glam Case
  2. 1 Green MOTA Ulta-Slim Protective Case
  3. 1 Green ZooGue iPhone 5 Social Pro Case
Item location : Pittsburgh, PA
Shipping Details : Free anywhere in the U.S.
Payment Options : PayPal
Contact Info : PM only
Any additional info: I?m not interested in trading or selling any of the cases separately. Also, feel free to check out my feedback threads (1 - 2 - 3) on CrackBerry.com. Thank you!

Photos :


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