WTS: 2015 MacBook Air 128GB

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Jan 11, 2011
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WTS: 2015 MacBook Air

Item Description: 2015 MacBook Air 128GB 1.6GHz 4GB DDR3

Price: $475.00 USD

Carrier Locked/Unlocked: N/A

Condition: Good (to fall in line with iMore rating) has a dent in the bottom left corner of MacBook when closed. When open the top left corner is dented on the screen side of MacBook but it does not affect the function of the screen and also a dent on the bottom left corner of keyboard side of MacBook but it does not affect the function of the keyboard. It closes ok with a bit of unevenness because of the dent. My MacBook fell in my garage and landed on the bottom left corner which caused that damage. This damage does not affect the MacBook in any way, it’s more cosmetic. The screen and keyboard are unaffected. I just purchased a 2019 256GB MacBook Air mostly because I needed more HDD and that’s the reason for the upgrade. There is nothing wrong with this MacBook besides the cosmetic damage. Was only used for pictures and email and listening to music and watching movies on a plane. Was offered a great opportunity to purchase a new MacBook so I took it, otherwise I wouldn’t have upgraded but I’m happy to not lug an external drive around with me everywhere I go.

I don’t have the original box for this MacBook, I can’t seem to find it but it does come with original MagSafe charger.

Item Location: NYC

Ship Details: Priority Mail to continental USA Included (Signature Required upon request)

Payment Options: PayPal Friends & Family. If you want to use Goods & Services then please add 3% to cover that fee.

I am also including in this sale:

1 - CD/DVD player with same finish to match MacBook. I never really used this except when I had to have a DVD inserted in order to redeem a digital copy of a movie lol

2 - Thunderbolt to HDMI cable. Only used this when I didn’t feel like bringing my Apple TV to AirPlay my movies.

3 - I purchased a Sandisk 128GB Ultra Fit Flash Drive which I’m including since I’ll have no use for it since my new MacBook is USB-C. i got it to add space, I used this thing to store movies, files and music but one annoying thing is not being able to keep in plugged in all the time since there’s only 2 USB ports but it’s small enough to tuck away into any pocket of your laptop bag.

Hit me up on PM if interested. I’ll make sure my inbox is clear

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