Wouldn't it be great?


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Jul 17, 2008
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Hey guys,

So i'm pretty much a heavy music person on my iPhone i'm using the iPod every single day living here in the D.C. Area it's perfect for the city lifestyle.

Here's one problem and a solution to the problem..

problem is a lot of people might have a Job that does not allow them to install iTunes on the PC, let alone connect to the Apple Store's server through iTunes.

So how if you got a great playlist idea would you make a playlist change? the only way would be from at home on your itunes pc at home... =(

Well how about this? wouldn't it be great if we could access our iPhones playlists at me.com via MobileMe.
Adjust and make changes accordingly then it syncs via the MobileMe Sync... this is a great answer to on the go playlist management... and all they would have to do is work it into the current iPhone OS which is already using MobileMe Sync... just let us manage our playlists =)

I'm of course not saying let us download the songs or have access to the music files, but at least let us view what songs they are so we can manage them.

What do you think? great idea?



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Jan 10, 2009
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Here's something you can try.
Say you have made a playlist on your desktop or computer at home and you have it synced to your iPhone. If you wish to add a song to your playlist that has also been synced to your iPhone all you have to to is make a On-The-Go playlist. Simply start up your iPod, and hit Playlists. Next, hit On-The-Go. Then hit Playlists again, and select the playlist you wish to edit. Then hit Add All Songs and hit Done. Finally, hit Edit and then you'll be allowed to delete and add more songs. When finished, be sure to hit Done and the next time you sync your iPhone delete the old playlist and rename the On-The-Go playlist to it's original name.