Wooden Labyrinth 3D top 100 rally (75% sale)


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Apr 19, 2009
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I'm the developer of the iPhone game called "Wooden Labyrinth 3D". The game is a feature-rich "ball in a maze" game, but most of all it offers great user experience. It includes perspective changing 3D graphics, 180 built-in levels, level editor, random generated levels, original acoustic soundtrack, developer record times, jumping and more. Overall it's pretty much the best labyrinth experience on the platform, and offers hours of tilting fun.

Now, the game was launched quite some time ago and it reached just the very EDGE of top 100 in the USA. It was the "first one out" in simulation games for days before falling towards the end of the list. However, the game went on sale and again it rocketed to nigh top 100 - being once more #18 simulation when #17 is in top 100 overall. This aggravates me quite a bit, especially since Apple still refuses to feature the game in anyway. This after over 1.1 million downloads (free + paid version combined).

Please check out at least the free version (though it still runs on older code base... it has worse handling and lacks button jumping and other neat features) and consider getting the paid version which is on 75% sale. Thanks a lot guys and gals! :eek: :eek:

Elias Pietil?