Won't send attachments???

Jason Dymnicki

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Mar 5, 2013
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So... I have a PDF file that needs to be sent via email. The last time I ran into this problem, I had to print the file, scan it and send if from my PC laptop --from the SAME email, but from my PC. It's ridiculous. Had this iPad since January --my first-- and I'm terribly disappointed at what a grind it is to use --inflexible and convoluted. So here's what I've tried:

First of all, the three emails I have connected are all pre-supported by the iPad 4: Microsoft Exchange, Google, and Yahoo!. I have tried sending the attachment with both Gmail and Exchange from the iPad, and the device acts like, and makes the sound like, it has been sent, but when I check my SENT box in email, it is not there, and the recipients never get the email or the attachment.

The file is about 3-4MB, and I have sent files from my PC using Gmail and Exchange with no problem with files that size. I read a forum earlier that suggested that I change the settings, but my Gmail was already set with the recommended settings, so there was nothing to change. Exchange did not have the same settings even available.

I have also tried sending different files from Safari, and another PDF program, with the exact same results: they "appear" to send, but don't. Sending emails without attachments works just fine, by the way. I can reply, compose and even forward emails that have attachments. Please help. This is my income, and I'm about ready to drop this $600 video game off a cliff.


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Jan 8, 2012
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login to your email provider via the iPad's Safari browser and double-check to make sure that the .pdf wasn't sent. If Gmail, check both the Sent and All Mail folders. Also note that there was a report of a Gmail disruption about 16 hours ago, but everything is alleged to have been taken care of. That report can be found HERE.


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Jun 25, 2011
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I send emails and attachments using the iPad multiple times a day. Never had that issue. Could it be your connection? Try the Speedtest app and check your connection speed. Hope it helps.

Chase Isley

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Mar 11, 2013
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Well, if it is happening on all three emails on the ipad, there has got to be a problem with the ipad... or the specific file itself possibly. Try deleting and re-adding your email accounts.

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