Winterboard Tip: How to Find Unthemed Image Names


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Feb 9, 2010
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This came up in another thread but it seemed like an unknown tip, and it's a great way to discover which images your theme is missing—and their file names:

"With the help of WinterBoard, it’s actually extremely easy to figure out the file names of every image in iOS. In WinterBoard’s ‘Advanced’ settings, turn ‘Record UIImages’ to ON. Every image that is not themed will be saved as PNGs into /tmp/UIImages. For example, if you want to theme’s dialer, open the Phone app to the dialer tab and those images will then be saved into the /tmp/UIImages folder. Simply SSH (or use iFile) into that folder and those images will be saved there so that you can find the images which you want to theme and use the same names for theming"

(Edit: note that this only records the UIImages, which you can't get to easily otherwise because they're locked up in a special file; it doesn't record every image that's on your phone. Still, it's a huge number of images.)

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