Windows Mobile to iPhone


Jun 2, 2011
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It’s been almost 3 weeks and I’m finding I’m on my phone more than my PC. As odd as it sounds, I think there’s color and design theory coming into play for example, the muted colors on Windows 10 and the flat design seem to be tiring in the sense of nothing pops.

I’ve read a couple books on my phone and the night light function is great. The upgrade to iOS 11 went flawlessly and I’m using the Mail app. Not sure why the thread organization issue happened but it’s fixed now. Ive been using pages both on my phone and on iCloud as I like the layout. I ordered a mid 2009 MacBook to tread the waters of Mac OS X (granted it can only run El Capitan but that’s no problem)

My phone lasts all day except for a few heavy games. The photos and videos I can take are just amazing! This is the kind of experience I’m enjoying on a daily basis. I think what is really hitting me is that I’m not waiting for apps to load or resume. It’s just so fast I feel more productive on it. It’s amazing!

That’s awesome!!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying your device